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Dragon Ball Super: Winning the Tournament of Power but Goku’s Universe 7 is still underestimated for this reason


Here are 5 reasons why Universe 7 is underestimated in Dragon Ball Super.

In Dragon Ball Super, there is a concept called a Mortal Level. This is the index “human quality” of each universe, ranked based on all parameters of intelligence, civilization, strength, culture of all inhabitants in that universe. The higher the index, the greater the “quality” of the universe.

It was the same standard used to determine which universe must participate in the Tournament of Power. Daishinkan once revealed, the purpose of the 12 Universe Tournament is to “get rid of” universes of poor quality.

And according to Mortal Level, Universe 7 is ranked No. 2 from the bottom up, just above universe 9, which means it is rated as a bad universe. So why is Universe 7 so underrated? This could be due to the following reasons:

Note: The quality of the Mortal Level is not determined by the strength of the Warriors of the Power Tournament.

1. The planets in Universe 7 have relatively little life

One of the factors influencing the Mortal Level of Universe 7 is the limited number of planets with known living organisms. Only 28 planets are known to be inhabited by creatures.

2. The existence of Frieza

At the first point, we mentioned that there are few planets filled with life in space 7. To talk about this, Frieza is clearly one of the causes of this situation. For example, he is among the people responsible for planet Vegeta being wiped out. He and his army seem to have destroyed a number of other planets as well.

3. Majin Buu

Not only is Frieza a danger in Universe 7, but also Majin Buu. It is known that Buu was created by Babidi to rule the universe. This creature’s existence is so dangerous that even the Kaio in Universe 7 are killed by Buu. Perhaps one of the reasons why Universe 7 weakens is because Buu’s behavior has long disturbed the gods.

4. Beerus

The Mortal Level of a universe is determined by the Gods of Creation (Kaioshin) and God of Destruction. If the gods are effective, then their universe will be good as well. So far it can be seen that Beerus seems to have been too comfortable on his assignment as the God of Destruction. Even the decision to destroy something, sometimes Beerus’ reasons are very arbitrary.

Currently in the manga, Vegeta is trained by Beerus to use the power of the God of Destruction. Given Vegeta’s serious nature, I really think he could be a more productive God of Destruction than Beerus.

5. Weak patrol galaxy

Universe 11 has a global security team named Pride Troopers. The members of this group are all the most powerful characters in the universe, including Toppo and Jiren. The problem is that these warriors of Justice are also under the command of Universe 11’s God of Destruction Belmod.

Meanwhile, troops like this in Universe 7 are the Milky Way Patrol, they are under the command of the Galactic King. And the Patrol is not as strong as the Pride Troopers. Furthermore, they were overwhelmed by the galactic force led by Frieza. As Universe 7’s Galaxy Patrol has to fight threats at Moro’s level, they have to rely on Goku and Vegeta.

It should be noted that the Galactic Patrol also had Merus – the apprentice angel. However, Merus’s position as an Angel was lost after he used the power of a god to attack Moro. When Merus rose again, he was no longer an angel, but only a mortal. Now, with the power of the organization, the Galactic Patrol is hard to deal with an enemy of equal level with Frieza. The problem is that in Dragon Ball, usually the new enemies are stronger and harder to deal with than the old villains.


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