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Dragon Ball Super: Looking back at the 8 most powerful warriors of each universe participating in the power tournament


Dragon Ball Super anime has long ended, but the aftermath of the power league still remains today. That is why in this article, let’s take a look at the 8 most powerful warriors of each universe!

1. Ribrianne – the universe 2

Dragon Ball Super’s power tournament has brought many memorable names. One of them is Brianne de Chateau, a female warrior from Universe 2 and the leader of the Kamikaze Fireballs team.

Brianne can transform to become the Magical Girl Ribrianne, but instead of becoming a charming and beautiful warrior girl, she has an oddly huge, gigantic appearance. Afterwards, Brianne continued to transform one more time into a much stronger Super Ribrianne.

2. Maji Kayo – universe 3

Warrior Maji Kayo of Universe 3 is not weak, this person has a flexible body, but unlucky, he mistook Jiren so he fell from the ring soon. If we know how to play opponents, we can see Maji Kayo show more.

3. Monna – universe 4

When the power tournament started not long ago, the Monna of Universe 4 overwhelmed the Cabba of Universe 6. Even the boy saiyan could not resist, so much he almost fell down the ring if it hadn’t been for his help. Vegeta.

After talking to his “master”, Cabba regained some form and determined to win. Before Monna’s insults and provocations, Kyabe was extremely angry and frantically awoke Super Saiyan level 2 and defeated the opponent within 1 note. Had Monna not kicked off her hero, she probably would have stayed on the field for longer.

4. Hit – universe 6

He was eliminated early in the Tournament of Power, but Hit is the universe’s most formidable assassin. 6. His attacking style often involves time with his ultimate Toki Tobashi – a time jump that can be dropped. Through this concept to attack your opponent unexpectedly and then win spectacularly.

5. Goku – Universe 7

Songoku is the “trump card” of universe 7 when participating in the Tournament of Power. However, when fighting Jiren for the first time, despite awakening the Infinity Instinct, Goku also succumbed to the mightiest warrior Pride Trooper of the universe 11, and even nearly dropped the radio.

He then reached his second Infinity Instinct when he fought with the fusion warrior Kefla of Universe 6 but was still unable to fully control this new power. At the end of the tournament, Goku awakened Ultra Instinct for the third time, contributing to Universe 7’s victory over Universe 11.

6. Bergamo – universe 9

Bergamo is the eldest of a group of wolf warriors in the 9th universe. He has the ability to turn an opponent’s attack into his, by increasing his body size by absorbing power from the enemy.

Before participating in the power tournament organized by Zeno, Bergamo also participated in the martial arts show tournament between Universe 7 and 9.

7. Obuni – universe 10

Obuni is a powerful warrior of the universe 10. This man once attacked Gohan with an unpredictable virtual technique and made Goku’s son unable to sense Ki. Anyway, Gohan grasped the situation very quickly and ended the last member of universe 10 with his Kamehameha.

8. Jiren – universe 11

Jiren is said to have a power greater than the God of Destruction. Jiren has a tall, muscular body, bald head, big round black eyes and a nose with holes without a bridge of his nose.

He is also the strongest member of the justice squad Pride Troopers, Jiren is always considered a reliable teammate. The proof is that he never flinched when defeating Kale when the girl turned into a frantic Super Saiyan and lost control or his face did not turn sharp when fighting Goku’s Infinity Instinct.


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