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Dragon Ball Super: Jiren vs. Broly, who is stronger?


Although Broly has less combat experience than Jiren, but he has many levels of strength and the more buffalo hit, So according to everyone, which match will Broly clash with Jiren?

If the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly is making headlines all over the charts recently, the Dragon Ball Super anime is about to return. During this sensitive period, many fans of Bi Rong raised a question that unknown between Jiren and Broly, which villain is stronger?

Here is a comparison of the power correlation between Justice Warrior Jiren and the raging Super Saiyan Broly:

  1. The strength of Jiren:
  • Fight at a time with both Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta, plus Android 17.
  • Defeating Golden Frieza is as easy as eating porridge.
  • Bouoobj Android 17 must use to lower the book “Detonate the whole body” to pull the opponent to die.
  • Fighting on Ultra Instinct Omen, forcing Goku to perfect his Infinity Instinct.
  • Only badly injured and “crazy” when fighting Goku in Ultra Instinct Mastered.

2. Broly strength:

  • Beat Goku Super Saiyan God when he was just in Wrathful form (blond eyes and black hair).
  • Fight on par with Goku Super Saiyan Blue while still in Wrathful state.
  • When Broly transforms into a Super Saiyan (blond), Goku and Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue can’t help it.
  • Golden Frieza onions on the grounds.
  • Causing Gogeta to transform Super Saiyan Blue when Broly reaches his strongest state is Super Saiyan Full Power (blue hair).
  • Broly is only exhausted when he receives many consecutive attacks + Ki from Gogeta Super Saiyan Blue.

In addition, Broly has less combat experience than Jiren, but he has many levels of strength and the more buffalo he hits.

Let’s see the outstanding opinions that many fans have given, we summarize below:

• The end of Dragon Ball Super when Jiren breaks his limit seems stronger than Goku’s Infinite Instinct. And Broly full power fights in a way that takes flesh, but combat experience does not have and does not master consciousness. Broly loses in both strength and experience.

• Jiren, the goku in Ultra Instinct mode has to be very scratched to pull the radio down, but it is difficult for both hands to gnaw. Not to mention Jiren’s level even surpassed the God of Destruction. And Broly plays a muscular role, but his consciousness is not self-sufficient, then the bet wins for Jiren’s part.

• On the first movie, it was the color, the movie Battle of god Super Saiyan God fights with Beerus, but Jiren later accepts Goku mode God 1 finger. In short, the movie coloring structure is only about the power between Broly and Jren who is better than brothers.

• Broly living on a wild planet with no training or practice like Goku, Vegeta and Jiren, just pure strength of the character himself is very popular. Not to mention Broly’s instinct to learn and get used to the technical speed of his opponent’s attacks as analyzed by Vegeta, I’m sure if Broly practices well, the ability to eat Jiren is very normal.

• Jiren showed it above God, watching when Jiren 1 hit Kale in a blue-haired fury while “slapping” Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue. Jiren’s perfect instinct is still beaten to the ground, Goku is the main character, so he gets buffed, no old Broly can eat Jiren.

• Broly fights Goku Super Saiyan God like I do, Jiren fights Goku Super Saiyan God with one finger. When Goku was on Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken, Jiren still didn’t need Ki, just a few hits took Goku. Stop telling jokes.

• Anyone who says Broly is stronger than Jiren knows nothing about Dragon Ball Super. To show Jiren he’s famous in all 12 universes alive .. Hearing about the God of Destruction, everyone must be scared, but Jiren is stronger than Destroyer … he was full of power trying to kill from the beginning, the whole team of 10 Universe 7 died without yawning for a while.

• Remember when fighting Broly in the movie Goku never went kaio-ken, but almost defeated Broly if he didn’t turn super saiyan. As for Jiren, Goku super saiyan blue kaio-ken can’t hit Jiren. And then Jiren was not crazy. That said, everyone understands. Whoever said Broly was stronger than me bowed.

Well, it is true that everyone has their own ideas, so what about you, after reading here, what are your thoughts? Let us know!


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