May 9

Dragon Ball Super anime is about to return again, fans are finally waiting for this date


There will be a new Dragon Ball Super movie coming out in the future.

Ever since the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie was released, there’s always no information about a sequel to the Dragon Ball Super anime series that many fans can’t help but feel left out.

However, today (May 9), it was officially announced that the new Dragon Ball Super movie will be released soon.

1. Information about the new Dragon Ball Super movie

First of all, we will still have to wait for more complete information around the new Dragon Ball Super movie, such as who Goku’s enemy is and what the story will be like.

However, in return we know that the Dragon Ball Super anime will return in 2022, a specific date has yet to be announced. But from what has been revealed, the plot of the new Dragon Ball Super movie will reveal a new story by Akira Toriyama. Author Akira Toriyama will of course also be the creator of the character designs and write some of the dialogue on the script.

2. Akira Toriyama’s comment on the new movie

Akira Toriyama commented on the news that was making the Bi Rong fan community happy. The author said that he would be involved in directing the story, as well as producing lines, for the movie that Akira shared would be great.

Although he hasn’t been able to reveal much yet, he promises to have extremely entertaining and entertaining battles, which may also include the appearances of some unexpected characters.

Toriyama also promises that when it comes to visual aesthetics, we will enter a new unexplored land. This sharing shows that the photos of the new movie will be extremely great.

3. Dragon Ball Super and related stories.

Before that, the last movie that viewers saw of the Dragon Ball Super series was the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly. The film came out in 2018 and made a huge splash around the world. Meanwhile, the Dragon Ball Super anime series ended in March 2018. That means it’s been a long time since Dragon Ball Super fans haven’t seen the anime.

Indeed the Super Dragon Ball Heroes promo anime is still showing, but its plot has nothing to do with the official Dragon Ball Super story. So for fans, it is still not satisfied to say that much.

In addition, Dragon Ball Super manga is still released every month. However, it is not known if the next story of the manga version after the Tournament of Power will be made in the anime.


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