May 5

Dragon Ball: Startled to see Krillin “transform” Super Saiyan, Netizens commented that even though he is stronger, his bald face is still “comedy” too!


What does Krillin look like in his Super Saiyan state?

This image, after being shared on social media, has received a lot of likes, shares and comments from netizens.

In Dragon Ball, there are countless transformations, each with its own characteristics and powers, but the most prominent is still Super Saiyan. Every time they reach a new level, the Super Saiyans have a certain change in shape such as stronger body or hair color change, and most importantly, stronger. However, this is a state that only Saiyans can use.

If an Earth person can transform Super Saiyan as well, that’s quite interesting! This idea sounds ridiculous, but is widely accepted by many people.

In Dragon Ball, Krillin is the best example of how short, “small and light,” it has no effect on the path to becoming a hero. Perhaps that is why the fact that Krillin is the strongest man on Earth has made Dragon Ball fans admire. Born to a fate that is assumed to be weaker than his friend Songoku or not as powerful as the main villains, but Krillin, by his intelligent nature of the Earth, has strived to keep up with his friends .

Even Dragon Ball fans believe that if Krillin can transform into Super Saiyan, it will be as cool as Goku. And that is why Krillin fan art series in Super Saiyan states was born.

As you can see above, Krillin in every Super Saiyan state looks too cool despite being a bit short. In particular, Krillin’s split middle bangs make the internet community say that he looks a bit like Kid Buu and commented that Krillin’s face is too round and doesn’t match the above hairstyles.

So how would you feel if Krillin transforms into a Super Saiyan? Please share my opinion!


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