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Dragon Ball: How powerful is Goku’s “teleportation” that Vegeta wants to learn?


The recent Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 50 not only reveals the “secret” of Moro’s third wish, but also shows that Vegeta wants to learn Goku’s “teleportation” spell.

If you are a “hard” fan of the Dragon Ball series, everyone must know Goku’s “teleportation”. This is a technique used to instantly teleport to the desired destination. This technique is often accompanied by a hand to the forehead to help the user focus Ki.

Goku learned this technique on Planet Yardrat after his battle with Frieza. This move allows Goku and anyone in physical contact with him to teleport to an extremely distant distance (from meters to light-years, between the living world and the other world, or even is time travel) just by focusing on the Ki of a particular being and sensing the place. Goku can take someone else with him, as long as the person touches him.

Because the “teleportation” spell requires locking Ki on a target, its likelihood of success depends on the user’s ability to detect Ki. The stronger you will find and move faster.

This technique has proven to be very useful throughout the entire Dragon Ball series. For example, when Goku was about to teleport back to stop Frieza and his father when the two wanted to destroy the Earth but it was unnecessary because Trunks returned from the future destroyed both of them. My ability is with team Z by going to Turtle Island and getting Master Roshi’s glasses in just a few seconds.

Throughout the remainder of the series, Goku uses this technique to travel through space and use it in combat. Goku has also combined his 2 moves with this teleportation technique, Kamehameha and Spirit Bomb. It can be said that this really is extremely beneficial and useful magic.

And recently in episode 50 of the Dragon Ball Super Manga not only revealed the “secret” of Moro’s third wish, but also showed that Vegeta wants to learn Goku’s “teleportation” spell.

This is really new, as we all know Vegeta doesn’t want to imitate anything of Goku. However, this time the reason Vegeta wants to learn this magic stems from his pride.

Vegeta really feels angry about the times he had to rely on Goku using teleport to save himself. But now on the planet Namek, their opponent is the sorcerer Moro- 1 who is extremely cunning and powerful. It is this that Vegeta does not want to rely on Goku to escape again, he wishes to learn the “teleportation” magic.

Until now, we also know that Vegeta has a tendency to use his learned techniques in a way more “aggressive” than Goku. So it would be interesting to see this guy learn the “teleportation” spell. Everyone try to imagine if this technique applies to a more complex and powerful attack mode, how great would it be?

Let’s look forward to the next details of the Dragon Ball Super manga to see how the Saiyan prince will learn this technique? If you are proficient in being allowed to “teleport” then many people will have to be wary.


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