May 7

Doraemon and Nobita transform the beauty of men and women through a series of beautiful fan art photos


Doraemon is very handsome, everyone!

Doraemon is a Japanese manga by Fujiko Fujio author that was created in 1969 with the original purpose of children. The series is about a mechanical cat from the 22nd century to help a clumsy boy named Nobita.

Since its inception until now, Doraemon is not only considered as the leading character and comic book in Japan, it has also become a cultural symbol of this country and is popular with children in many countries around the world. world favorites.

Not only bringing a happy childhood and full of laughter in the past, Doraemon and friends also bring a lot of life experiences for ourselves in adulthood. And now, Doraemon-loving artists continue to make viewers laugh and be amazed with fan art paintings that transform the characters into a very new style.

See Doraemon and his male and female assimilation through a series of extremely vivid photos by artist @kamotomokamo below!


Doraemon, Nobita

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