May 18

Discovering a mysterious poisonous spider in Florida


Scientists have discovered a new species of venomous spider in Florida, one that appears to be related to the tarantula spider.

The Miami Zoo announced in a press release that its staff assisted and identified a new species of venomous spider, which they named the Pine Rockland trapdoor spider (Ummidia richmond).

The creature was first found in 2012 in an area near the Miami Zoo by a zoo keeper observing reptile research traps.

The zookeeper took a picture of the spider and sent it to the Department of Research and Conservation to identify the spider. But the zoo said it “doesn’t match any existing records of known species in the area”.

Pine Rockland trapdoor spiders are long-lived insects, and if kept safely in a burrow, a female trapdoor spider can live up to 20 years, while males take up to 7 years to mature before leaving. burrow to find a mate and die soon after. The venom of this spider is equivalent to that of a bee, it is not too dangerous for humans but enough to decompose and liquefy the internal organs of prey if accidentally bitten.

Years of research later, Dr. Rebecca Godwin of the University of Piedmont in Georgia confirmed this was a new species.

According to the Miami Zoo, this newly discovered venomous spider is an “expert in camouflage”. Like other trapdoor spiders, it builds burrows in which it hides and ambushes its prey.


poisonous spider

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