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Discovered planet ‘hell’, so hot that metal immediately evaporated


Scientists have just discovered a world like “hell”, with heat far beyond human imagination and making it one of the hottest planets ever found by man.

Simulate the TOI-1431b on its abnormal spindle

TOI-1431b, also known as MASCARA-5b, was discovered 490 light years from Earth. Nearly twice the size of Jupiter, the planet maintains temperatures at which even the Red dwarfs of the Milky Way “offer to lose”.

“This is a world of hell. The daytime temperature is up to 2,700oC, while the night-time temperature is not inferior, at 2,300oC. No life can exist in this environment, ”according to ABC News on April 27, quoted Dr. Brett Addison, an astrophysicist at the University of South Queensland (Australia).

In fact, the temperature in the daytime part of the planet is 40% hotter than the stars of the Milky Way.

With the above temperature, most metals will immediately evaporate when appearing on TOI-1431b. For example, titanium melts at 1,670oC, platinum at 1,770oC, and stainless steels between 1,375 and 1,530oC.

TOI-1431b belongs to the super-hot Jupiter group and is very rarely discovered. It only took 2 and a half days to complete the cycle around the central star. In addition, the above planet also attracts attention with unusual orbits.

“In the solar system, all the planets rotate in the same direction as the sun’s rotation and they all rotate on the same orbital plane.

The new planet has such a skewed orbit that it rotates in the opposite direction of the central star’s rotation, “says Dr. Addison.

Astronomers discovered the TOI-1431b using a satellite for the Exoplanet Survey (TESS), and coordinated with data obtained from the SONG observatory on the Canary Islands in the Atlantic.


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