May 18

Discovered a mysterious skeleton up to 30m long on the seabed, unlike any other creature on Earth


A huge skeleton has been discovered lying on the floor of the Mediterranean Sea, sparking some theories that it may be the remains of a “sea monster”.

Researcher Deborah Hatswell was baffled when he received a video shot in 2017 by a diver working in the oil and gas industry, according to the Daily Star. In the video, the aforementioned diver discovered a huge, almost intact skeleton of a mysterious creature, located at a depth of 830 meters below sea level. Deborah Hatswell then shared this video on her personal YouTube channel, hoping to find answers from viewers.

Accordingly, this giant skeleton was discovered by divers during geological exploration of the seabed using a remotely controlled diving device (ROV). In the video, the robot dives deep to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea and suddenly discovers a strange skeleton lying below.

This set of remains consists of vertebral segments lying in line, accompanied by a series of large bones located at the other end of the spine. The whole specimen is up to 30 m long.

When the workers tried to pick up the bones using the claws on the ROV diving equipment, the bones were very brittle and crumbled to dust as soon as the machine touched the surface. Notably, researcher Deborah Hatswell still does not know which sea creature this skeleton belongs to.

“The size of the skeleton on the video does not match the usual size of any marine life in the area,” the expert said. “A whale has three flattened tongues on its spine, each 120 degrees apart. However, the creature appears to have only two.”

The expert himself also compared this strange skeleton with those of other giant marine animals, but could not find a match. Accordingly, the bones of giant paddlefish or ribbon fish are only 11 meters long, while this specimen is up to 30 meters long.

Earlier, in a conversation with expert Deborah Hatswell, the diver confirmed the skeleton was very ancient and likely had been buried there for 1,000 years.

Under the video on Youtube, many viewers were delighted with the discovery of this skeleton. Many people have confirmed that this could be the bone of a sea dragon or even a Tylosaurus dinosaur, which once ruled the oceans on Earth tens of millions of years ago.

However, some others believe that these may be whale or shark remains based on the skeleton sample. One viewer commented: “I’m not sure but it’s probably a shark, due to the fact that the skeleton has no limbs (when sharks die, their bodies decompose very quickly. Due to the whole body). They’re made of cartilage, so the head and joints are the first to lose.)

“I think I counted seven cervical vertebrae, that would make it a mammal, and it looks like two visible scapulaeā€¦ could be whale, though I admit it. is missing ribs, skull and super backbone,” another netizen explained.



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