June 8

Delightfully watching Bulma in real life, combo of white skin, pretty face, and beautiful soul that cut all the hearts of Riri Nguyen


Not only investing in perfect costumes, female coser Riribonni also made many fans ecstatic because of her beautiful beauty and hot body.

The name Riribonni is probably no longer a strange name in the Vietnamese cosplay village. Possessing a doll face, Riri has made many viewers fall in love at first sight. In addition, she also has a sexy chubby body with fiery curves.

This advantage allows Riri Nguyen to “change everything”, easily transform into characters in popular games as well as lovely anime characters. Riribonni’s photo sets are diverse in themes and styles, from lovely loli to sexy manga – anime characters.

Riribonni’s real name is Nguyen Mai Hoa, born in 1993 and currently living in Hanoi. In addition to playing games, she has a passion for sewing. She skillfully combined her interest in cosplay with her sewing ability to create beautiful, attractive costumes that make viewers unable to take their eyes off.


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