August 9

Crazy Yu-Gi-Oh! massively called for the introduction of magic cards to compete in the Olympics.


Despite the overwhelming support, the possibility of magic cards being competed in the Olympics is extremely small.

Recently, fans of Yu-Gi-Oh! proposed calling on the International Olympic Committee to make the Yu-Gi-Oh Magic Card an official Olympic sport. It is known that this idea was proposed by Xiran Jay Zhao, a writer and YouTuber who loves Yu-Gi-Oh! and hope to one day bring this game to the biggest sports festival in the world.

In the petition, Xiran Jay Zhao emphasized that “It’s not fair that the Yu-Gi-Oh Magic Card should not be legalized as an Olympic sport. Playing magic cards requires players to be agile. speed, physical strength and endurance to be able to defeat the opponent.”

After being uploaded to the website to collect signatures online, the idea garnered nearly 5,000 signatures in support. This is a positive sign, of course, but the possibility of Yu-Gi-Oh! the possibility of being included in the Olympics is still far away, if not “no hope”.

To bring a new sport into the Olympics, the organizers will have to discuss, meet and hold a survey within the IOC’s council. Compared to Yu-Gi-Oh!, esport has been suggested many times and supported by many countries around the world. But until now, esport is still “no door” at the Olympics, let alone the magic card game.


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