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Conan: To meet the elite, you have to be on the same level as them, the Shinichi guy is the best proof


The wind at any floor will meet the clouds of that layer, the situation is not proportionate, it is difficult to make friends with each other. No wonder Kudo Shinichi’s friend from Detective Conan is not this simple.

In Detective Famous, Shinichi is a character with a background and relationships are not simple. His father is Kudo Yusaku – a famous detective novelist and Kudo Yukiko was a famous actress who gave up her career at the age of 20 to marry Yusaku.

Here, let’s take a look at the super rich, rich friends of the detective Kudo Shinichi / Edogawa Conan in the series Detective Fame!

  1. Ran Mori

Ran – Kudo Shinichi’s childhood friend is the daughter of detective Mori Kogoro and female lawyer Kisaki Eri. Ran and Shinichi are in the same class at Teitan High. Shinichi Kudo and Ran Mori are a serpent couple from Detective Conan series. The couple have known each other from childhood until their high school years. They have a vague relationship, but it is very special. And even though they have feelings for each other, but the two have yet to confess.

2. Suzuki Sonoko

Sonoko Suzuki is Ran Mori’s best friend. She is the youngest child in a family of tycoons and high class Suzuki. This is also one of the reasons why Sonoko always appears with confidence, attracts and is pursued by many boys. However, Sonoko has never been arrogant or shown to be someone with money. Sonoko has a lover Kyougoku Makoto – a promising karatedo talent.

3. Hattori HejiĀ 

Hattori Heiji is the popular detective at Osaka High in the Detective Conan manga and anime series. He has an above average IQ, good thinking ability, good kendo (kendo) and possesses a motorcycle driver’s license and unorthodox silk steering skills.

Hattori Heiji is the only son of the police chief of the Osaka Police Department, imbued with the thought of fighting for justice and obeying the law since a young age, and treasures people’s lives.

4. Toyama Kazuha

Kazuha is a close friend of Hattori Heij, and she also has a second degree in Aikido. She has a father who is the chief of the criminal division of Osaka, so surely her family is not trivial.

5. Sera MasumiĀ 

Sera Masumi is a student detective, is in the same class as Ran and Sonoko and is also the master of the commandment. She is the youngest daughter of Akai’s family, whose mother is MI spy – Mary Sera, the oldest brother working at the FBI – Shuichi Akai, the second brother is a Shogi flag celebrity – Shukichi Haned.

Mary Sera was forced to drink APTX 4869 by a Vermouth member of the Black Organization, causing her body to shrink into a middle school student shape. Mary’s accident greatly affected three children, especially daughter Masumi.

6. Miyano Shiho / Haibara Ai

Formerly a member of the Black Organization under the alias Sherry, Miyano Shiho was one of the contributors to the creation of the shrinking medicine that Shinichi took. Because of her mistake, Shiho was eliminated by the organization, then she drank the shrink pill and ran to Shinichi’s house. Currently Shiho is living with a doctor called Haibara Ai. This girl is a talented scientist and the daughter of two famous scientists of the black organization.

In addition, Shinicho has a wide relationship with the police and celebrities too!


Haibara Ai, Hattori Heji, Ran Mori, Shinichi, Suzuki Sonoko

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