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Compare Goku’s strength while in Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan 4 state


Dragon Ball is a popular anime / manga series by Akira Toriyma. During the development process, Dragon Ball introduced fans to many powerful Super Saiyan levels.

Dragon Ball GT is not an official anime, but it introduces Goku’s new super-powerful Super Saiyan 4. Sang to Dragon Ball Super, there are three extremely powerful states of Goku. Goku is introduced, one of them is the Super Saiyan God. And in this article, let’s look at the two states above to see which one is stronger!

What is Super Saiyan God?

Super Saiyan God first appeared in the Dragon Ball Super series. The story is that the god of destruction Beerus had a dream about God of the Saiyans and when he woke up, he traveled through Universe 7 to find that person but no one knew anything about this person. Finally, with the help of the Dragon God, Goku was able to attain the divine powers of the Saiyans through a ritual with 5 other pure-hearted Saiyans.

In this state, Goku’s hair, eyes, and eyebrows are all red, surrounded by aura of fire and his body becomes thinner. Even speed, reflexes, strength are greatly enhanced, making Goku “God” and able to fight Beerus for a long time. Thanks to that, the god of destruction was impressed, so he changed his mind and no longer wanted to destroy the earth. Later, Goku and Vegeta, under the training of Beerus and the angel Whis, were able to transform into Super Saiyan God without performing a ritual.

What is Super Saiyan 4?

Super Saiyan 4 also appeared before Super Saiyan God. During most of the events that took place in the Dragon Ball GT movie, Goku has regrown the characteristic Saiyan tail due to being small. Despite his best efforts, Goku is still unable to defeat the Tuffle who is now taking Vegeta’s body. Goku is influenced by the tail that has turned into a giant yellow gorilla. Fortunately, Pan’s granddaughter calms him down and thanks to that, Goku attains a whole new state, Super Saiyan 4.

In this state, Goku regains his original form. He still retains black hair color but in the style of Super Saiyan 3, the tail and body are covered with feathers, dark red eye bags with a halo sparkling like flames. Goku uses this state to fight Baby and rescue Vegeta. Vegeta also transforms into this form after being attached to sound waves similar to the influence from the moon. The two later merged into Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta to fight Omega Shenron.

Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan 4, which state is stronger?

Super Saiyan 4 is a more powerful level of Super Saiyan 3 with a monkey inspired design. It causes the user’s power to reach its absolute limit and increase its speed. Goku and Vegeta, after reaching this state, can fight tough opponents. However, this state also has limitations. It can be mentioned that Goku, although in the state of Super Saiyan 4, is still struggling when he is alone against Super Android 17 and has to rely on Gohan, Trunks, Goten, and Pan for more energy to completely defeat. get him. In addition, Goku will turn small after fusing into Gogeta due to consuming a lot of energy.

Meanwhile, the Super Saiyan God helps Goku get the power of the “god” and has a good match with the god of destruction Beerus. This state increases both strength, reflexes and speed to the cosmic range. Also, while power is rated lower, it has great balance and doesn’t wear out the same fitness as Super Saiyan Blue. The only weakness lies in the short usage time and energy consumption.

It can be said that Super Saiyan God is slightly more powerful than Super Saiyan 4, although both have in common that it is very energy consuming.


Super Saiyan 4, Super Saiyan God

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