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Coconut crabs seem to be harmless to humans, but they are believed to be the culprits causing the disappearance of a famous female pilot?


The coconut crab is a species of arthropod and invertebrate in the family Decapoda Hermit crab, the largest living terrestrial crustacean on earth, the largest individual can be up to nearly as tall. 1m and weighs more than 6 kg.

The coconut crab (Birgus latro) is a species of terrestrial crab. It is the largest terrestrial arthropod in the world, and perhaps also the largest terrestrial exoskeleton in the Earth’s atmosphere.

They are a mostly nocturnal animal with shiny red eyes followed by four thick tentacles dangling from their heads. This crab possesses two disproportionately large claws and can sever the body of any creature it considers prey. Clad in sturdy and extremely sturdy armor, it looked like a giant heavy killing machine.

However, coconut crabs are indeed harmless to humans, in addition to the suspicion of eating the body of a famous female pilot many years ago – there are also rumors that this female pilot was eaten alive, but this is so far. is still a mystery and unconfirmed.

In fact, this is completely possible, let alone large and poisonous creatures like crocodiles, lions, hippos, African buffalo or snakes, creatures as small as salt. also potentially killing 2 million people a year.

The coconut crab is a species of arthropod and invertebrate in the family Decapoda Hermit crab, the largest living terrestrial crustacean on earth, the largest individual can be up to nearly as tall. 1m and weighs more than 6 kg.

Coconut crabs are widely distributed in the tropics and coasts of several subtropical archipelagos, from southern Japan to Taiwan, or other islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Coconut crabs can climb the tops of coconut trees with their amazing climbing skills. Their pair of claws can easily break a coconut and cut the coconut to eat the meat inside, and that is why they are called coconut crabs.

However, like other crabs, coconut crabs are actually omnivores, in addition to coconuts, they also eat sweet potatoes, papaya, peanuts and dead animals.

However, as the range of human activity continues to expand, coconut crabs have become an ingredient in a large number of table dishes, and are sometimes even considered a kidney tonic. vitality. These things have caused their habitat to shrink, as a result, some coconut crab populations in some areas have been significantly reduced or even completely extinct. Because animals today they are now listed on the Vulnerable Species List.

Not only that, humans exploit a large amount of coconuts, causing coconut crabs to lack food, and it is this that causes them to start hunting and turn into a “killing machine”, it has also been observed. and records of coconut crabs killing polynesian rats and eating them, or that they also hunted some other crab species, and even their own kind being killed when food shortages became severe.

So the coconut crab is actually considered an opportunistic scavenger, even a carnivore. This species also has a very keen sense of smell, so when someone camped near the area where they live, the herd of coconuts would crawl to their picnic area at night, using a pair. forks tear apart tents or food bags in search of food.

There are many rumors that coconut crabs are related to the disappearance of Amelia Earhart, a famous American aviator and feminist activist. This legendary, world-famous aviation pioneer disappeared on July 2 with his assistant Fred Noonan while flying around the world in 1937. Many theories have suggested that the plane crashed. at Nikumaroro Island in the Pacific island nation of Kiribati, Kumaroro Atoll.

Because there are many coconut crabs living on this island, some people believe that their carcasses were eaten by coconut crabs after the plane crash. But the search and rescue team at that time only discovered man-made products such as makeup mirrors and folding knives, skin care products after the accident, but could not find the bodies of Amelia Earhart and Fred. Noonan.

Others even believe that Earhart and Noonan were injured in the collision and could not move, and that they were directly torn and eaten by coconut crabs. Subsequent searches also failed to find their remains. In addition, coconut crabs have a habit of storing bones and dragging the bones of animals eaten by them into their burrows, so these theories are more and more believed.

Of course, this is not the main explanation for Earhart’s disappearance. Most scholars believe that their plane crashed into the sea near Howland Island because it ran out of fuel and sank and fell into the sea instead of their disappearance due to the coconuts; others believe the plane crashed on Gardner Island.

In 2007, an international expedition team even made a special trip to the island to search, but they found some personal belongings that are suspected to be Earhart’s.

Since then, the mystery of Earhart’s disappearance has remained unsolved, and many conspiracy theories have emerged over the past 100 years. And of course the innocent coconut crabs are still famous and become the killer of Earhart.


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