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Chiasmodon niger: Nightmare at the bottom of the sea


The ocean has so many mysteries that even though it is present on Earth, the knowledge we have is extremely meager. Humans understand the universe more than we have in the deep sea.

The deep sea floor is full of mysteries, from strange animals to inexplicable physical phenomena. Even though the dark seabed has such great pressure that humans cannot directly reach it, there are still creatures and fishes with looks and abilities beyond our imagination.

Regardless of whether you are abroad or in the country, surely when watching TV or watching live broadcasts, we will surely come across people who have the ability to eat and drink with the capacity of the abdomen far beyond. normal person.

However, in the realm of mysterious creatures, that is still nothing compared to the capacity of some animals’ bellies. And the animal we are talking about today is a species with an extremely large stomach, when compared to the proportions of the body, this will be the animal with the largest belly on our planet.

The reason why we humans know of its existence and know the super-giant stomach of this animal is because they are very gluttonous, they are often killed by their own food and rise to the surface. water – mostly due to overeating, tearing the stomach and dying.

Its scientific name is Chiasmodon niger, but the more common name is “Black Swallower”.

This animal is Chiasmodon niger, a species of deep-sea fish in the family Chiasmodontidae, also known as Black Swallower fish – a representative species of the family Forthodontidae. This special fish is widely distributed in the temperate to tropical seas of the Earth, they can live in waters from 300 to 3,900 meters deep, and the ideal depth for them to live and thrive under the ocean is between 750 and 1,900 meters.

Chiasmodon nigers have a very scary appearance. It is 10-20 cm long and can grow up to 25 cm under favorable conditions. This fish has a long and narrow head, thin, flat body with a huge mouth full of fangs. However, according to some people, this fish has an extremely delicious taste.

This fish lives in a dark deep sea environment and has very little food, so these fish are always in a state of hunger, so when they encounter prey, they will not hesitate to swallow them. , even though that prey can be many times larger than their own body.

When catching prey, this fish will swallow the prey, like the way of snakes. The fish itself also possesses huge jaw muscles, and a stomach that can expand to a great extent, depending on the size of the meal.

After millions of years of evolution, this fish has developed a special, highly elastic stomach that can swell to many times its original size and hold a fish 10 times larger than its body. them.

The fish’s maxillary and frontal bones are held together by a suspension system, and the jawbone can swing down to swallow objects larger than its head – this closely resembles the jawbone mechanism in snakes.

When catching prey, it begins to swallow from the tail of the prey and bites slowly and then selects the entire prey into the stomach. Through this peculiar eating method, the Chiasmodon niger can swallow prey twice the length and 10 times the weight of their body into their stomachs, even their abdomens can stretch into a transparent film.

Black Swallower can kill opponents 2 times their own size. In terms of weight, it doesn’t matter if the prey weighs 10 times as much.

However, because of its greedy nature, sometimes this fish is also killed by its own prey. When eating prey that is too large, the food inside will rot before they can be fully digested, which will produce many air bubbles inside their abdomen. This causes the body of the Chiasmodon niger to become a balloon and slowly float to the surface, eventually causing the stomach to rupture and die.

In fact, because of the special habitat, this fish is very little known, even they have never appeared in human cameras when monitoring the deep sea floor.

In 2007, a fisherman found a 19 cm long Chiasmodon niger near Grand Cayman devouring an 86 cm long black-tailed mackerel – more than four times its body length, This caused the Chiasmodon niger’s body to be severed, and the ill-fated mackerel’s head had popped out of its body. The heart of this Chiasmodon niger must have also broken due to changes in environmental pressure. The fish was then transferred to the Port Oceanographic Institute in Florida, and since then the fish has only been listed on the world map.


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