July 22

Charming youkai born just to “kill” men


These are famous female monsters specializing in seducing young men to suck life or eat meat.

1. Lilith

According to legend, Lilith was Adam’s first wife, not Eve. Adam and Lilith’s marriage is extremely troubled, especially in the matter of… bed. Adam always wanted to take the initiative, but Lilith refused. She refused to depend on him, wanting to prove that women can do it as well as men. The two argued continuously and Lilith could not stand Adam anymore, and shouted blasphemously the name of God. From her back grew a pair of black wings, and Lilith flew out of the garden of Eden.

Down on earth, Lilith lived a wild life and gave birth to hundreds of children, all of whom were demons. It is said that the Succubus and many female demons that specialize in seducing men and harming children are the children of Lilith.

  1. Succubus

The succubus is a cunning, seductive female demon who seduces men to suck their vitality through sexual intercourse. Succubus are known for being beautiful, but also extremely brutal. They usually come at night, when the man is asleep, but sometimes during the day.

Succubus victims will often be so seduced that they lose their vitality and eventually die. At that time, the Succubus will go find a new victim.

  1. Siren

Referring to the mermaid, everyone thinks of a beautiful, deadly attractive creature with a graceful fish tail and an irresistible voice.

Indeed, the Siren has all those characteristics. These creatures have their roots in Greek mythology, are fearsome creatures of great beauty. Legend has it that Siren can cause terrible shipwrecks. With only their voices, they lure sailors into the sea. Sirens eat people they catch, but only the “delicious” parts will be thrown away.

  1. fox glass

The fox is a creature not too strange to Eastern culture. In big countries like China, Japan, and Korea, there is a version of the “fairy fox” that is beautiful but extremely cunning. Foxes are considered goblins with deadly charm. They can be a beauty who has just passed away, or a successful fox, eating hearts, livers or souls to live.

However, fox fox is not all bad. In many legends, they help and protect humans, being one of the few youkai to be respected.

  1. Rusalki

Rusalki is a strange creature, native to the Celtic countries. They are ghosts of girls, possibly dying too barbaric, killed, betrayed, committed suicide, … near rivers, lakes, swamps. Thus, they became Rusalki, the beautiful “muse” who lived around the willows of the riverbanks. They are often naked, with very beautiful bodies and faces.

There is a special time called Rusalki week. At this point, anyone unfortunate enough to encounter them must dance until death.

  1. Jorougumo

Jorougumo is also known as “Luo Tan Phu”, a youkai with a strange passion for eating men. They live mainly in caves, countryside, forests or abandoned houses, which are all places where spiders live.

It is said that Jorogumo are spiders turning yellow silk. They usually live alone, at about 400 years old, the spider will officially turn into a youkai. Jorogumo when mature will take the form of beautiful and sexy young women, so no one can refuse. They only specialize in “hunting” men to eat meat, never touching women.


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