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Carrot reached the top 10 and the surprising results on the list of 100 most popular One Piece characters


Carrot’s position in the top 100 most beloved One Piece characters is surprising.

Not long ago, the list of the 100 most beloved One Piece characters around the world was announced. In this list, there are some very surprising positions.

1. Carrot is at number 8

To 10 of the list of the 100 most popular One Piece characters worldwide are all big names. Including 5 Straw Hat crew members, followed by Law, Ace, Sabo, Hancock, they are all characters whose popularity is undisputed. However, at position 8, he suddenly called Carrrot’s name.

While Carrot is indeed a valuable ally to Luffy so far, her position still surpasses many names, including Sabo (ranked 10) and Ace (ranked 9). This is surprising.

2. Yamato in 11th place

With good looks and unique features, it is natural for Yamato to be famous. However, this character has only appeared for a long time and has not been shown much so far, but Kaido’s daughter named her at No. 11, making many people surprised. Especially because Yamato hasn’t been officially released in the anime version yet!

3. Woop Slap ranked No. 37

Previously, in the temporary list of the top 100 most famous One Piece characters worldwide, Woop Slap’s position was also much higher than expected. And now in the final result, Woop Slap is at 37. This number is still higher than Tashigi (38), Reiju (39), Bartolomeo (40), and many more. Looks like this mayor is very famous.

4. Gaimon ranked 60th

Although Gaimon has appeared for a long time, he is still loved by many people. In the final list of the top 100 most beloved One Piece worldwide characters, Gaimon ranked 60th. This number is still higher than Pedro (61), Dragon (62), and even Kaido (65).

5. Rockstar is ranked 66

By far Rockstar’s most memorable appearance was his debut. When he passed Shanks’ message to Whitebeard. At that time, he looked quite confident in the face of one of the strongest Yonko groups.

After that, Rockstar usually only appears fuzzy when Shanks’ group is mentioned. Even so, he was still in the 66th place. Higher than Hiriluk (67), Rebecca (68), and many other names. The interesting thing about Rockstar is probably the strength potential of this character, because Shanks’ pirate crew is said to be the members with equal strength.

6. Nameur is ranked 71st

Namur is actually one of the commanders of the Whitebeard group that gets the least attention. Mainly because after the battle at Marineford, his fate is unknown. It was not like Izo and Marco had reappeared.

But Namur still managed to win the 71st place. He’s more popular than Senor Pink (72) Cavendish (73), Gecko Moria (74), and several other names coming out more than him.

7. Gin ranked 84

This Gin has not appeared in One Piece for a long time. The last time he was seen was in the Baratie arc, after which it is unknown. Even so, Gin can still make it into the top 100! Meanwhile, the other East Blue criminals that could make the top 100 are both aggressive ones like Buggy (ranked 34), or marines like Smoker and Tashigi, who first fought the Straw Hats at Loguetown. Arlong, Kuro, Krieg are not in the top 100.

8. Kung Fu Dugong is at No. 89

It can be said that when appearing in Alabasta, Kung Fu Dugong is a very funny animal. However, they are still loved and ranked 89th on this list. This number is even higher than the characters with more important roles in Alabasta, such as Koza (182).

9. Charlotte Mont-D’or at No. 90

Mont-D’or is truly one of Big Mom’s trusted children. However, surprisingly is his place in the list of the top 100 most loved One Piece characters worldwide.

At number 90, Mont-D’or is still taller than Big Mom’s other children who can show up in Whole Cake Island battles like Perospero (95), Sweet Commander Cracker (99) and Smoothie ( 176).

10. Shushu ranked 100

At the top 100 is Shushu. This loyal dog makes an impression on the plot of the Orange Town arc. It is worth mentioning that after this arc he has no role anymore because he is just a normal dog and does not participate in the adventure. Yet it is still taller than the characters in the series, such as Page One (126) and Sasaki (141).


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