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Building the main character following the path, the Isekai genre is increasingly receding in the plot?


Manga, anime, and light novels of the isekai genre are still making money and growing strongly. But many find the isekai development too flawed.

The isekai genre’s outrageous growth is making the anime community in particular and manga-anime in general realize its many problems. Many fear that isekai will soon become cliché and be blacklisted for many people, just like the harem genre before. The specific reason isekai lovers must be hesitant is because the deeper into the genre, the craziest ideas and concepts will be discovered. From spiderman, slime, vending machine to game world to fantasy medieval world, isekai is evolving in a direction beyond unique creativity.

The isekai-labeled stories are now beyond all the norm in manga-anime, so people have to keep innovating in order to continually create its own norms. The current favorite direction for isekai sets is to create characters that are realistic, pessimistic, and bleak. This makes it more and more inclined to the horror genre. This is also the time when the limitations of isekai character-building came out.

One of the controversial and negative isekai series is Full Dive, or The Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Crappier Than Real Life. As the title of the story shows, its content revolves around a gamer, character like many other isekai series, being reincarnated into a video game that he is playing.

The game is introduced as the closest simulation to the real world, including taking away the pleasant experiences and replacing the harshness. This makes everything in the game painful like the real world, it is shown by the protagonist Hiro accidentally causes his friend to stab a kitchen knife in person and die. As a result, he becomes an outlaw and his reputation is permanently ruined.

A crazier idea in isekai is to reincarnate into objects, like in Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon, when the main character reincarnates into an unusual form. Those born as a spider or a slime had to give in to this vending machine. The insanity of the idea leads the protagonist to no longer have any emotions or independence, instead being tied to his new friend.

When compared to the harem genre, isekai is often ridiculed for its ridiculous fantasies of fictional power rather than content. In the anime The Rising of the Shield Hero, for example, the main character in this series is a true weakness and failure. But the audience cannot sympathize with him, because basically throughout the series, viewers only see him power up, and his failures seem to be neglected.

A similar situation also happened with the That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime series, although the anime was viewed more positively. The protagonist Rimuru starts off as a slow slime, but then he gradually increases his power to an extraordinary level and makes friends with ease. With this character-building, many readers-audiences often get the impression that isekai is a genre that tells “the chosen” and that the main character simply wins because of the author’s announcement. As a result, it reduces both the intimidation and tension levels of the storyline.

While the newer isekai sets are exploring new ideas, shaping the main character in a gray (no good-bad) way, there is still no way to improve the trails of the plot. A vending machine that cannot move on its own and becomes an undefeated hero is not of any significance or impression to the reader-viewer. Therefore, it seems that when too much effort is made to create something new, isekai authors gradually restrict the main characters, turning them into lifeless characters with the plot simply walking around, fighting monsters. , promote.


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