June 7

Bored of acting career, 18+ beautiful people suddenly retired, surprising fans


Atomi Shuri recently announced her retirement after 6 years of pursuing the profession.

Atomi Shuri was born on June 10, 1995, in Tokyo, Japan. Launched in 2015 under the studio Prestige, so far Shuri has had nearly 700 works during 6 years of operation. This contributes to the confirmation that, although not one of the most famous, but Atomi Shuri also has a certain attraction to her fans as well as the public.

Recently on YouTube, Atomi Shuri made a statement that is not happy news for fans, that she officially retired. Through a vlog posted on youtube, she shared that she is still interested in acting, but she wants to put it aside to focus on better future plans.

After retiring, Atomi Shuri continued to make YouTube content and worked as a member and producer of Mipiina – an idol group founded by Bambi Production company. Unlike Minami Hatsukawa, she will completely stop acting and not release a retirement work. In return, there will be a photobook produced to thank the fans.

Looking back at her 6 years of working as an adult film actress, Shuri thinks that this job has changed her from an ordinary college student with no outstanding beauty to a popular idol. known and loved.

Thanks to that, she became more confident and sociable as well as unleashing her potential. Shuri did not forget to thank the actors, directors, people who work in the 18+ industry as well as the studio she used to join for always accompanying and supporting during the past time.

Currently, Atomi Shuri is focusing on promoting her end products to fans all over the country of cherry blossoms, as well as thanking fans during the past time before the official award ceremony. technology. Hopefully, the beautiful actress born in 1995 will continue to be successful in every other field in her career, not just an adult film actress.


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