May 28

Bored as an actress, 18+ beauties wrote a letter to retire, making fans cry all their tears


Minami Hatsukawa recently announced her retirement after 7 years of pursuing the profession.

Minami Hatsukawa was born in 1995, entered the entertainment industry in 2014 as an adult film actor. She officially entered the adult film industry when she joined the studio Moodyz and has become one of the most prominent and veteran names of this company during the past 6 years. In 2015, Minami was once on the list of top 10 best adult film rookies.

To many people, her nickname Hatsu is impressed by her beautiful face, smiling eyes and prominent crooked teeth. Minami’s height is 156 cm, index of 3 rounds is 86 – 59 – 88 cm. However, according to Minami herself, what she likes the most about her body is the 3rd round.
In real life, Minami Hatsukawa is quite approachable and likable. She is close friends with 2 other adult film actresses, Minami Kojima and Miharu Usa. The trio all have a fondness for Disney characters and frequent Disneyland amusement parks.

Even so, Minami has also been in the industry for 18+ for 7 years, which is quite a long time. At the studio Moodyz, the actress nicknamed Hatsu has never been number 1. The famous actors of this studio are often in hot form like Shoko Takahashi, JULIA or Anri Okita or “pretty little baby” like Tsubomi and Mia Nanasawa. But also because of that, Hatsu created a brand of its own, an image that no one else can replace.

Last night, Hatsu officially gave his feedback on his future. The toothy girl announced that she would retire one day soon and thanked the staff, fans, and studio for always supporting. From now until the final product is completed, Hatsu will still devote 100% of his ability to repay the love of the fans.

In the announcement on social networks, Hatsu affirmed that: “Until I officially leave the industry, I will experience in as many studios as possible!”. Her currently unreleased productions have been scheduled since the beginning of the year, and her schedule still includes a lot of filming with different labels. Until the end of her career, she will continue to strive to create a more complete Hatsu.

Currently, Minami Hatsukawa is focusing on promoting her end products to fans all over the country of cherry blossoms, as well as thanking fans during the past time before the official award. technology. Hopefully, the beautiful actress born in 1995 will continue to be successful in every other field in her career, not just an adult film actress.


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