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Bill Gates and the enrichment called ‘Charity’: Spent 23.5 billion USD, earned 28.5 billion USD


The Gates Foundation has donated money to numerous companies with interests or even shares in Bill Gates.

Enriched by translating Covid-19?

In the early days of the Covid-19 epidemic in 2020, the President of the United States then, Donald Trump, tried to negotiate to buy the rights to the Vaccine developed by CureVac-Germany. But the most mentioned name at that time was billionaire Bill Gates.

Why? Because his charity Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation bought up to $ 40 million worth of shares in CureVac, one of the fund’s countless investments in the pharmaceutical sector. The Fund also announced that it would increase the investment that according to many experts could reach more than 250 million USD for the fight against Covid-19, which is the investment in vaccine development.

Despite the charitable image, the undeniable fact is that the stronger the pandemic, the more people who buy the vaccine, the richer Bill Gates becomes.

Charity tens of billions of dollars but Bill Gates is still getting richer?

The investment in CureVac alone can bring in tens of millions of dollars in profits for shareholders like Bill Gates. Even when the purchase and sale of vaccines with the US government failed, with the epidemic, the company’s stock price rose 400% just 2 days after being first listed to the public in August 2020.

So despite the philanthropic reputation, Bill Gates’s hedge fund is still making a profit without anyone hating, enjoying a lot of tax deductions and not even having to explain about his investment projects. Every day, Bill Gates still preaches many things about helping society and humanity, but no one knows how his charity is making billions of dollars.

“Who will they be accountable to? They don’t even have a clear organizational structure,” criticized the Doctors Without Borders (DWB) expert Kate Elder.

According to Elder, the Gates Foundation is increasingly not transparent, although it is a pioneer in investing in both pharmaceuticals and vaccines. According to KEI NGO Director James Love, the Gates Foundation has been active for many years in the vaccine industry and when a pandemic breaks out, they will naturally benefit the most.

“He (Bill Gates) has enough money and connections and plenty of time to be a pioneer in this field, thereby becoming the most powerful person in the pandemic,” said Director Love.

The New York Times newspaper once praised billionaire Bill Gates as having the same power as the US President when he had a great influence on vaccines and drugs during the pandemic season. Surprisingly, such a powerful empire with huge profits is not transparent or disclosed to anyone because it carries the name “charity”.

“Normally, if you have the power to influence people in the world like that, there’s going to be an audit or transparency. But since it’s a charity, no one is going to ask those things when it’s supposed to. People have to question what the fund is doing, where the money is coming from … “, stressed Director Love.

Many experts believe that the distribution of Astra Zenecca Vaccine also contributes to billionaire Bill Gates profits because his fund is one of the major investors of the CEPI Union, which spent a lot of money on research. Vaccine research at Oxford University which later collaborated with Astra to develop the anti-epidemic product Covid-19.

Although both Oxford and Astra have pledged to give up profits and give access to their vaccine development technology, many believe that Bill Gates can still benefit from proprietary licenses. Nobody has verified this without an audit nor someone looking at the huge profits of the Gates Foundation because it is for charity.

In interviews, Bill Gates never mentioned specific investments in pharmaceutical companies from his charitable foundation, but there is a close relationship of interest here.

The founder once admitted to The Wired that he wanted to treat Remdesivir if he was infected with Sars nCov2, but no one knew that the Gates Foundation owns a large stake in Gilead, the pharmaceutical company that makes the drug.

“The last person I want to hear advice on whether to take vaccines or not are the Vaccine developers,” said Professor Sheldon Krimsky of Tuft University.

According to estimates by Forbes magazine, the total assets of founder Bill Gates was about 115 billion USD, up more than 10 billion USD during the pandemic season. However, no one knows where this billionaire has earned his profit even though he always goes to “charity”.

The more you charity, the richer

According to The Nation, the Gates Foundation has donated money to many companies with interests or even shares in Bill Gates. Of course, this “charity” money is tax-free and no one can audit or check it.

Famous names in the pharmaceutical industry such as Pfizer, Sanofi to cult brands such as LG, Unilever have appeared.

What’s even more strange is that after years of giving charity tens of billions of dollars, Bill Gates’ wealth keeps increasing steadily, and almost never before, he has been eliminated from the top of the richest people in the world.

The Microsoft founder once claimed to have paid up to $ 10 billion in taxes and duties more than anyone, but the Gates Foundation has never publicly disclosed or provided any information about the billionaire’s tax records. That is not to mention the billions of dollars in tax-free thanks to “charity” activities that no one knows how to invest and what to bring.

In 2018, Bill Gates’ statements showed that he received a tax exemption of up to $ 4 billion through philanthropy, but the calculations by Boston College Law Professor Ray Madoff show that this figure is realistic must be up to 14 billion USD.

According to The Nation, in the past five years the Gates Foundation has charitable $ 23.5 billion, but their investment returns reached $ 28.5 billion.

Obviously, doing “charity” like Bill Gates is not very rich.


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