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Berserk’s Guts and 10 Most Favorite Anti-Heroes in Anime World


The anti-heroes or “dark heroes” that Japanese anime fans often call are probably the coolest, interesting characters that exist in the fantasy world.

Anti-hero or Anti-hero is a concept used to refer to the main characters in a story but lacking the qualities and personality of a hero. Unlike heroes, anti-heroes sometimes do what is morally right, but not for good reasons such as defending justice or fighting evil.

They are the epitome of overbearing characters who don’t like taking prisoners, don’t care what other people think and don’t have the time to chat. For that reason, this type of protagonist often attracts not only the young audience but also makes the older people fall in love with their realistic, accurate calculation or sometimes simply. due to his crazy, careless nature.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular anti-heroes in the anime/manga world!

  1. Guts

The main character of the anime series Berserk begins his journey to slay various terrible monsters not because of a noble mission, but instead because he wants to take revenge on the person who made his life worse. fall.

  1. Alucard

Referring to the scariest vampire, people will immediately think of the character Alucard in Hellsing Ultimate. Alucard is one of the pureblood Vampires (vampires) living from ancient times that can be immortal and possesses powerful magic. Before being defeated by Van Helsing 100 years ago and had to swear allegiance to the Hellsing family – the family at the head of the organization against the threat posed by vampires, Dracula Alucard was an arrogant, cruel monster. ruthless, bloodthirsty and invincible.

  1. Tanya Von Degurechaff

Originally, Tanya was a talented Japanese employee, but did not believe in God. Because of that, Tanya’s soul was punished and reincarnated as a small girl. However, she is a super powerful mage, capable of flying and unleashing explosive magic that destroys a large number of enemies. Second Lieutenant Tanya is the commander of an elite army of mages, she is extremely disciplined, extremely ruthless and does not easily tolerate enemies or those who disobey her orders.

  1. Arsène Lupine III

This thief is a descendant of legendary thief Arsene Lupin and he certainly has no heroic intentions. However, his presence often destroys the plans of a very dangerous organization.

  1. Claire Stanfield

Claire Stanfield is a psychotic assassin and train manager who is also the most uncontrollable person in Baccano!. He is also the man behind the myth of the serial killer on the Rail Tracer.

  1. Joseph Joestar

Among the descendants of Joestars, Joseph is famous as a delinquent who happened to save the world by launching an extraordinary creature out of earth’s orbit.

  1. Shinji Ikari

Shinji is someone who has absolutely no confidence, courage, or personality. He just wanted to run away from the world around him. However, like every other child, Shinji wants to be cared for and recognized by the people around him. Shinji is also the pilot of EVA-01 (Shogoki/Unit-01). EVA-01 is “Test Type” – test version. EVA-01 has a core containing the soul that is Shinji’s mother, and every time Shinji loses control, EVA-01 will activate “Berserk Mode” and activate itself.

  1. Saitama

Saitama is the main character of the manga/anime series One Punch Man, the hero with the ability to punch and kill all monsters. It is also because of his incredible strength that Saitama is often teased by fans as a villain, final boss, … Until one day, an article on a large online newspaper ranked Saitama in the top 5 villains. The world’s most beloved hero of the comic book world.

  1. Himura Kenshin

Himura used to be an assassin of Ishin Shishi, Choshu faction, specializing in assassinating key elements of the Mac dynasty, but later he gave up his fame, becoming a wandering wanderer for 10 years helping the weak. bullying with the goal of atone for the mistakes they have made.

  1. Seto Kaiba

The first villain of the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! is a gladiator named Seto Kaiba. He is a teen millionaire who ran a large entertainment company while still in high school. Yugi Muto defeated Kaiba many times in a card game and made Kaiba rethink his bad actions and then became Yugi’s best assistant when facing a unique enemy. more evil.


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