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Attack On Titan: Analysis and assessment of the power of the Nine Titans (part 1)


The nine Titans each have their own looks, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. However, fans of the series discussed and tried to rank these Titans.

Attack on Titan by author Hajime Isayama is one of the most popular series in the Anime-Manga fan community. The series is set hundreds of years ago, when humans had to fight against Titan, which was a cannibal monster to win life.

Hope appeared when humanity discovered the Titan Shifter – the ability to allow an Eldian to transform into one of the Nine Titans. Unlike normal inanimate Titans, these Nine Titans possess intelligence because they are controlled by humans and have many times more strength than normal Titans.

The nine Titans each have their own looks, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. However, fans of the series discussed and tried to rank these Titans.

And below is the analysis and power rating of the Nine Titans.

9. Cart Titan

Currently, the owner of the Cart Titan is Pieck.

The Cart Titan always moves on all fours and it has no real attack attributes. The Horse Titan possesses the typical Titan abilities and powers such as unbeatable health, super endurance, and the ability to heal extremely quickly.

Pieck’s Titan is 4 meters tall, the smallest known Titan. Her Titan appearance has a dog-like muzzle, and a rather large nose when compared to her eyes and ears. This form of Titan always moves in a quadrupedal state.


• Excellent agility and mobility.

• Durable.

• Can carry combat equipment and machine guns on his back.

• Can stay in Titan form for a long time and perform long missions without resting.


• Physical strength is not as strong as the other 8 Titans.

• The user may forget how to walk on two legs after a long task.

• Low defense compared to other Titans so it’s easy to take down from serious and dangerous attacks

8. Jaw Titan

Titan Jaws possesses extremely hard teeth, so it can destroy anything by chewing it in its mouth. Its claws are also very effective at wreaking havoc, even being strong enough to deal severe damage to other opponents.

Although this Titan is only 5m tall, in return, thanks to its small body, it has excellent speed and agility.

Unlike the other heirs who gain powers by arrangement, Ymir randomly gains power after eating Marcel’s flesh. The story takes place when he is on a mission to break the Paradis Wall with Reiner, Bertholdt and Annie.

• Has sharp claws and teeth that can break even Titans that are in a solid state.
• Fast and flexible movement speed even in difficult terrain.

• Small size.
• Much weaker than other Titans, not suitable for solo duels.

7. Colossal Titan

The Colossal Titan piloted by Bertolt is the first Titan to appear in the series. Thanks to its enormous height of 60m, the Guardian Titan is the tallest of the Nine Titans.

Bertholdt and Armin have both used the Colossal Titan. However, due to Bertholdt’s lack of action, and Armin’s rare use of his powers, readers rarely see the Colossal Titan appear.

• Huge size (60 meters).
• Great destructive power.
• Can cause a large explosion and optionally adjust the size of the explosion during transformation.
• Defend yourself by continuously burning yourself to release steam with a high temperature so that no one can reach it.
• Capable of evaporating her entire body at once, disappearing instantly.

• Due to its large size, it moves extremely slowly.
• The release of steam gradually reduces muscle mass over time until only the skeleton remains.


Attack on Titan

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