June 9

Are the strange tree circles in Japan the product of aliens?


Japan’s enchanting tree circles are the result of a 50-year experiment that has raised many doubts about the appearance of aliens.

The cedar forest in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan is home to unusual tree circles that are clearly not coincidental in nature.

These strange patterns can only be seen from above. Three years ago, many pictures of tree circles appeared on the internet, sparking a variety of conspiracy theories ranging from extraterrestrials to secret government experiments.

Only recently has the truth been revealed. Those are true government experiments, but not too big of a secret.

One of the purposes of the experiment carried out in this area was to examine the effect of planting distance on plant growth. The experiment was organized by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Back in 1973, an area of ‚Äč‚Äčland near the city of Nichinan was designated for a forestry experiment and the result was the beautiful tree circles that are easily seen today.

The team planted the cedars 10 degrees apart to eventually form 10 increasingly compact concentric circles in the center.

Fifty years later, the researchers discovered that the experiment demonstrated that planting density had an effect on growth. Cedars that are too close together will be shorter than cedars in more sparsely planted outer circles. As a result, the concentric pattern is concave.

According to the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, the height difference between the smallest trees in the concentric inner ring and the tallest trees in the outer ring is more than 5 meters.

The researchers concluded that trees in less dense areas had more access to natural resources, while trees in the center had to compete for both sunlight and nutrients. nutrients, which affects plant growth.

The fascinating experiment that lasted nearly half a century is coming to an end, and the cedars in the area will be harvested in about two years. However, as the mysterious circle receives a lot of attention and support on social media, the authorities are debating the possibility of postponing the harvest for a few more years.


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