June 3

“Angels 18+” Japan confided in new memories, revealing secrets many people don’t know


Moe Amatsuka details her life in the 18+ industry.

Moe Amatsuka was born in 1994, started pursuing an adult film career since 2014. The girl is highly appreciated both in terms of acting and appearance when possessing measurements of 84 – 57 – 82 cm. Starting at the age of 20, with her professionalism and dedication, Moe Amatsuka has won quite a lot of success in her career. In 2015, she was recognized with the title of excellent rookie at the Fanza Adult Award. However, it was not until 2019 that she once again took the throne in second place at this award in the category of excellent actress.

With the nickname “angel”, Moe has long had a huge fan base. Possessing a beautiful appearance and cheerful personality, Moe has always won the hearts of fans. She is also known as one of the three “pillars” of the S1 movie category next to Yua Mikami and Arina Hashimoto. Currently, she and Arina Hashimoto moved to a new studio, Faleno.

Recently, she had an interview to share her memories and experiences since entering the AV actress career. Initially, Moe was quite cautious and wary when entering the AV profession. She stepped into it on high alert and was always on guard for its dangers. Even, Amatsuka Moe has the fact that she was sold abroad, used to do “nothing” jobs and even violated legal activities.

However, things didn’t seem to go as Moe had thought. The management company, the crew, and even the male actors were very kind and treated her well. Everyone is very professional, dedicated and ready to help Moe in his work when needed.

At the same time, she also shared her “experience” before going to act in adult films. Before entering this field, she had only 4 boyfriends. Even so, she always tries her best to fulfill the director’s request and script whenever necessary. As a person with high standards, she also requires herself to work hard to achieve the best results. For that reason, she is often praised as an employee with a good work ethic.

In addition, Moe also shared that in the near future, she will be active in the Taiwan market more. In addition, she also revealed that she is “addicted” to milk tea, a “specialty” drink of Taiwanese people and will come here more to be able to enjoy milk tea.


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