June 6

Angel Yua Mikami celebrates 6 years in the profession, revealing to give fans “the best gift” in the near future


She thanked the fans and promised to continue to bring her surprises to the fans in the future.

In the adult film industry in the country of cherry blossoms today, it is difficult to find a more famous name than Yua Mikami. Coming from an idol singer who did not have much success, she moved into the 18+ field and quickly became one of the most popular stars, not only in Japan but also all over Asia in current time.

Currently, Yua Mikami is extremely successful in all fields that she participates in. Not only topping the adult movie charts today, she also achieved considerable success in the singing field when participating in both Ebisu Muscats and Honey Popcorn. Not only that, she is also very busy with her own projects such as modeling, participating in TV shows or developing a personal fashion brand called Miyour’s.

On June 1, Yua Mikami bragged to fans about her 6th anniversary of entering the 18+ industry. At the age of 15, she is still a young idol as a member of the group SKE48 and could not have imagined that she would become as famous as an adult film actress at the moment.

According to Yua, that day she had no other choice. However, as expected, there will be only one adult film Yua Mikami and she wants to use it as a lever to return to showbiz. However, this product was much more successful than expected and brought Yua a lot of fame. In just 2 years, Yua won all the awards and had huge sales, making her one of the most prominent names in the 18+ industry.

However, what Yua has done is not only related to the 18+ industry, but even more and beyond. Within just a few years, Yua has developed her personal career in areas such as fashion and back into music. She is currently developing a personal fashion brand called Yours, and co-owns the K-pop group Honey Popcorn, and is also one of the official members of the Ebisu Muscats group.

On the occasion of the 6th anniversary of her career, Yua recently posted a photo celebrating the number 6 on social networks and received countless wishes from fans. She herself also said that she will continue to try and promise to give her fans “the best gifts” so they can enjoy and continue to support her in the future.

Previously, the girl born in 1993 said that she was always very busy because she was active in many different fields. According to Yua, this is the age when she still feels beautiful and has enough beauty, so try to do everything as hard as possible before feeling regret. At a certain age, the current Yua Mikami will also be gone and she will have to get married.

Currently, more than half a decade has passed, the charm of the girl nicknamed “national idol” is still great. As proof, Yua’s products have had great success and always have a large number of enthusiastic fans. Hopefully, “this girl born in 1993 can continue to be more successful in the future.


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