June 7

Angel Eimi Fukada panicked when fans discovered her home address in the night, had to move immediately


Eimi Fukada seemed to be worried when fans found out where she was living.

Referring to the most beautiful beauties in the adult film industry, people often think of names like Sora Aoi, Asuka Kirara or Yua Mikami. However, the 18+ film village has no shortage of beautiful girls who possess a captivating beauty. The most famous today is Eimi Fukada, the most prominent little beauty in 2019 in the land of cherry blossoms.

Eimi Fukada was born in 1998, is one of the youngest actresses involved in the field of adult films. In 2017, she started acting under the name Amami Kororo. Initially, Amami Kororo did not have great success, but after changing its name to Eimi Fukada, everything started to become “cool”. Eimi started to become more prominent and became the most prominent adult movie angel in the last few years.

Being so famous, but Eimi Fukada also encountered many troubles. Recently, she announced that she would have to move after her home address was discovered. On Youtube, she revealed that she was gossiped by college students near her place in Shinjuku district, Tokyo and others when she was spotted at a local convenience store. This made Eimi afraid that she would be in danger and her own safety, so she eventually decided to move out because of unnecessary trouble.

While not as accepted in the mainstream entertainment world as regular models and celebrities, the top AV stars have thousands of fans, almost all of them male – willing to pay. spend a lot of time watching the women they admire.

The risk posed by stalkers is a big problem for idols and models in Japan, from semi-professional performers to big stars. Stalking incidents became more prominent towards the end of the year. Therefore, it is not too difficult to understand that Eimi Fukada is so worried about her own safety.


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