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Although Dragon Ball has few weapons, these are the 5 swords that the Z warrior group used


With a series that favored power like Dragon Ball, weapons are secondary, but there are strong swords appearing in this series.

Besides the Ki energy battles, Dragon Ball also presents a variety of weapons that play an important role in the story. Among the weapons that have appeared, there are 5 swords that are commonly used by several important characters in Dragon Ball. One of them is the sword belonging to the Future Trunks that was used to kill Zamasu.

Here are five swords that appeared in the Dragon Ball series:

  1. Katana of Yajirobe

Yajirobe is not a professional martial artist, but has great swordsmanship. The proof is that Yajirobe easily cut the Cymbal in two easily in King Piccolo’s story.

Yajirobe’s most heroic action is to save Goku from Great Ape Vegeta’s powerful attacks by cutting off Prince Saiyan’s tail forcing Vegeta back to his normal form. In addition, Yajirobe’s sword is also capable of dealing damage to Vegeta’s Battle Armor. Though Battle Armor can only be destroyed by deadly attacks, for example the strongest energy attacks.

Had Yajirobe not been lazy then maybe at least he could be at the level of Krillin or Tien.

  1. The brave sword (Sword Brave)

This sword is the first sword used by Future Trunks. In the Dragon Ball Z series, this sword first appeared and used by Future Trunks in Android Saga, against Future Android 18 with Future Gohan. This sword is also used by Future Trunks to split Frieza in half.

In fact, this sword belonged to a man named Tapion – who appeared in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon. Finally, the sword is given to Future Trunks at the end of the movie.

  1. Sword Z

Sword Z was an extremely heavy ancient sword that was inserted into a cliff at the Kaio residence. Every 1000 years, the Supreme Kais and the God of Destruction will have a meeting. And in a session like that about 75 million years ago, the God who destroyed Beerus in anger sealed Old Kai into the sword Z. Because it was too hard, no Supreme Kais could destroy the sword to save Old Kai.

After a long time Supreme Kai brought Gohan to the shrine of Kaio to heal as well as wanted him to learn how to use swords in his attempt to defeat Majin Buu. Gohan was initially unable to pull the Z sword out of the cliff, but when transformed into a Super Saiyan, the Z sword was lifted to Kibito’s astonishment.

To test the limit of the sword, Supreme Kai turned out a giant mass of matter made of Katchin, the hardest material in the universe. Unfortunately, the Z sword had… broken in half to everyone’s surprise. However, being a sword of god, it deserves to be one of the strongest weapons in the Dragon Ball series.

  1. Future Trunks Sword in Dragon Ball Super

The sword used in Future Trunks’ Dragon Ball Super series is not Sword Z and Sword Brave but an unknown new sword. This sword has a green leather-covered hilt and has a silver sword holder, tapering upward at its tip.

Besides, Future Trunks’ sword also has a red scabbard.

In the Dragon Ball Super series, this sword is broken against Zamasu, but eventually becomes an energy sword and is used successfully to defeat the Merged Zamasu.

  1. Azure Dragon Sword

Azure Dragon Sword belongs to Yamcha at the beginning of the Dragon Ball series. This sword is curved and was used by Yamcha to fight Goku when he was a child. Azure Dragon Sword can also compete with the Power Pole – a stick Goku used to use as a child.


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