July 19

A man with a strange disease sleeps 300 days a year, every time he closes his eyes, he sleeps for 20 days straight


Due to the sleep disorder Axis Hypersomnia, the Indian man spends 300 days a year sleeping.

Being able to sleep comfortably without being disturbed is what everyone wants. However, if you sleep too much, it becomes a rather troublesome problem for life and work, even having a great impact on health.

Recently, a 42-year-old man in India recently caused a stir in international medicine because of a condition that makes him sleep 300 days a year. Mr. Purkharam, 42 years old, living in Nagaur district (Rajasthan state, India) is known by the villagers as real life Kumbhakarna, a mighty warrior in the epic Ramayana famous for his “talent” of sleeping for 6 months without any problems. don’t care about the world.

While the average person sleeps from 6 to 8 hours a day, Mr. Purkharam takes a short nap until… 20-25 days later he wakes up. Mr. Purkharam was diagnosed with this syndrome about 23 years ago. His sleeping habits have greatly affected his health and life. Even if he accidentally fell asleep, waking up would be a difficult challenge. With no other choice, Mr. Purkharam’s family had to bathe and feed him while he slept to ensure his health.

Because of this syndrome, he could not find a job, so he had to stay at home selling groceries. But he also sold only 5 days a month, sometimes even selling while nodding. In the early days of his illness, he slept more than 15 hours a day. Worried about his health, the family ran everywhere looking for medicine, but every doctor shook his head. By 2015, his condition was getting worse and worse, now he can sleep more than 20 days in a row/month.


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