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A Japanese hot girl tells a story that her mother found herself in an 18+ movie, surprised by the following statement


Mahiro Tadai took the story of both mother and daughter on social media and told the fans to listen together.

Mahiro Tadai was born on March 4, 2000, joined the adult film industry in 2018 and is joining Soft On Demand. Compared to other beauties of the same age, she is the most successful when she won the best rookie award at the ABA awards ceremony 2018.

It is known that in real life Mahiro is a very passionate player and especially has a hobby with the game League of Legends. In this game, she mainly goes to the top lane and her “general” is Renekton. Many times, Mahiro has demonstrated his gaming ability on the Twitch platform and is also a way of communicating with her fans.

Recently on Youtube, she also shared her thoughts when she joined the 18+ work industry. The decision to become an AV actress is not always a simple one. Not to mention the obstacles in the studio, in the profession, the biggest obstacle that girls need to overcome is their parents. Because not all parents easily accept their daughter doing this profession.

Mahiro Tadai shared that he hid his parents from filming AV. When an actor becomes a professional, he will have to have a social network account, which will be more known by many people. Mahiro’s friends will also follow and interact with the posts of her born in 2000.

The interaction will also be shown to your friends, and that’s why Mahiro’s mother started taking notice of that account. One day, her mother sent her a photo with a message: “Hey, this girl looks like me!” At that time, Mahiro was quite surprised but also replied: “Is it true, Mom?”

Because she didn’t want to lie, the girl born in 2000 told her story about going to an adult movie. Mahiro was very happy that his mother accepted that and told her if anything was difficult, go back to her. Her colleague, Ogura Yuna, also receives support from her family, among other things.

However, not everyone is easily accepted by the family, because each family has a different manners. There are cases where the family initially protests and then gradually accepts as Minami Aizawa. But there were cases of strong opposition that led to the disgrace of the family, one of them was Kana Momonogi.


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