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9 times Goku uses the powers of the Kingdom of God in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super


Fans of Dragon Ball 7, how can you forget the times when the main character Goku used Kaioken in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super?

Kaioken is a technique invented by King Kai, however Goku is the only one who has ever used it successfully.

Songoku learned Kaioken after dying in the battle with Raditz while training with King Kai. This technique helps Goku increase his own strength many times but it consumes a lot of energy and puts great pressure on the body. Goku used to use Kaio-ken in the beginning of Dragon Ball Z but after the appearance of Super Saiyan he used less.

Here are the times Goku uses Kaioken (World King) in the Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super anime:

The first is the 4 times Goku uses in the Dragon Ball Z anime:

Note: Excluding the times Goku used in the movie Dragon Ball!

1. Use Kaioken to break Nappa’s back

Goku disables Nappa with Kaio-ken.

2. Use Kaioken x3, then increase to × 4, combined with Kamehameha, to save Vegeta’s Galick Ho to save the Earth.

Initially Goku could only limit his Kaioken to 3, 4 times, but after training under 100 times Earth’s gravity in the spaceship to Namek, he reached level Kaioken × 20 times. Indeed very cool, isn’t it.

3. Use Kaioken to defeat the Assassin Platoon including Burter, Jeice and Captian Ginyu.

Goku uses Kaio-ken on planet Namek.

4. Use Kaioken to fight Frieza on Namek. Initially, Kaioken × 10 did not dislike Frieza, so Goku forced his body to rise × 20, which surprised Frieza for a moment.

Goku fights Frieza with the Kaio-ken x20.

And this is also the last time fans see Goku using Kaioken in Dragon Ball Z. Are you wondering why Monkey does so little use of harmful techniques, because this technique puts pressure on the body, dissipates It costs a lot of stamina and can lead to death for users if overused!

This is followed by 5 matches in the anime Dragon Ball Super

Note that this does not count the times Goku uses Kaioken in Dragon Ball Super manga.

Songoku uses Kaio-ken while in his Super Saiyan Blue state when he is fighting the assassin Hit.
  1. the best. Well, it seems that Kaioken when combined with Super Saiyan Blue is a very perfect match.
  2. Used in battle with Fusion Zamasu. When he couldn’t move his arms and one leg was crushed by Zamasu, Goku turned Kaioken in combination with Super Saiyan Blue and used his other leg to kick Fusion Zamas in the face, breaking his holy circle.
  3. In the Zeno presentation tournament, Goku uses Kaioken to fight the wolf Bergamo of Universe 9 and the Toppo of Universe 11.
  1. Use Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken to “wheeze” Gohan when his son asks his father to show his full strength.
  2. Perfecting Kaioken in combination with Super Saiyan Blue, Goku uses this state many times in the Inter-Cosmic Tournament when he especially fights tough warriors like Kefla and Jiren, despite being collapsed and exhausted. Don’t know how many times but we still see Monkey get up and use Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken to continue fighting! Admittedly, the potential for this combination of two states is amazing.

It is unknown in the future what limit Goku will push the Kaioken’s power to. Let’s wait and see!


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