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9 extremely dangerous applications that gamers must immediately delete from Android phone


From the many unfortunate incidents that have happened to Android phone users, many recommendations have pointed to 9 suspicious apps that should not be installed / removed immediately.

Google Play is one of several monetization platforms for new mobile app developers. However, not all products present on this store are for safety purposes, some programs are created to collect data from users’ phones, share personal information, and even stealing money from bank accounts.

  1. Weather forecast applications

Weather forecasting applications are extremely popular, but also spread many harmful viruses. For example, there are cases where a weather forecast application has a built-in trojan that collects data from the user and sends it to hackers. Most of the information targeted is credit card data. So, remove unnecessary weather forecast applications right away. Users can completely use other information channels to check the weather forecast instead of a phone application.

  1. Social media

Although this is almost impossible, because social networking applications are becoming very popular and becoming an indispensable part of modern life. However, minimize social networking applications that are not really necessary. The social networking application not only collects user information, is easily targeted by hackers, but also consumes a lot of battery, consumes ram, makes phone lag. Another quite effective alternative for users is that they can use the browser version on the phone instead of the official application, which is quite easy, lightweight.

  1. Cleanup applications

Applications similar to Clean Master are often used to help you clean the cache and eliminate unnecessary programs. However, in the new phones, the cleaning system has been built into the program, so external applications are quite useless. Cleaning apps take up a lot of battery. In fact, users will not make the system faster, but will only slow down and add loads of ads.

  1. Integrated browsers

Integrated browsers are usually installed in the phone system. They are mostly slow and not so common. In many cases, the built-in browsers are opened automatically. Unlike Google Chrome, these apps don’t have any data protection and slow down the system.

  1. Antivirus applications of unknown source

When the attackers want to interfere with the phone and steal data, antivirus applications appear. Then, the hacker had a more sangstaoj idea, which is to create antivirus applications that contain viruses. These apps can steal personal information and even block your phone completely.

  1. Browsers with additional features

The browser format adds special features, such as video streaming or streaming. There are two problems that users will encounter when using them: numerous ads slow down the system and apps that require access to the call manager, messages or pictures. This is not safe at all.

  1. RAM-free apps

These apps claim that they can increase RAM capacity. They can only clean cache instantly and the phone itself has this function. The truth is that there is no application that can increase RAM capacity than initially.

  1. Lie detection applications

In terms of reliability, these apps are like apps made for fun. Currently, the lie detector apps on your phone are completely useless but harm the battery. They always require access to your personal data and contact information, so remove them from your phone immediately before it’s too late.

  1. Defragmentation applications

Defragmentation applications are increasingly popular because they are advertised as both working and using the same way as some computer programs. But users must have forgotten that the phone does not have a hard drive for these software to defragment, so they can only check the system and … consume RAM and battery. Besides, of course they can also collect your personal data.


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