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8 super-weird creatures forgotten in Greek mythology that not everyone knows (P.2)


These super-monstrous creatures are mentioned in the ancient Greek epics, but they seem to have been forgotten.

Among the texts considered to be the most popular references to Greek mythology, Homer’s Odyssey contains descriptions of various bizarre creatures. However, they are almost completely forgotten in popular culture compared to famous monsters like the Medusa or the Minotaur.


Aeternae can contend for the title of “most monstrous creature” among the numerous monstrous creatures that Greek myths and legends refer to.

Surviving descriptions of aeternae are related to the conquests of Alexander the Great. It is said that they murdered many of the soldiers with a bone protruding from the head. This description sounds strange and it’s hard to imagine what the aeternae would look like, but some have suggested that it may have been a real chamois.


Scylla is one of many sea monsters mentioned in Greek mythology. Since Greece was made up of many islands and the Greeks were seafarers, it is not surprising that they mentioned a multitude of different sea monsters.

Of these, the most mysterious sea monster is Scylla, mentioned in the Odyssey. The poet Homer described it with a rather bizarre shape, with a shell like a crab shell, twenty legs hanging down from its hideous body, six necks, three rows of teeth on each head. The monster’s name is akin to “skyllo”, which means “to tear something to shreds”.

However, in the work Metamorphoses, Ovid describes Scylla with a pretty face and was once a sweet maiden.


For those who are afraid of insects, myrmekes are a nightmare. It is the giant ant that the historian Herodotus first described in very specific terms, they are bigger than a fox but smaller than a big dog. It is believed that they originated in India, or hoarded gold that local tribes often tried to steal.

Although this ant is not too big, they are surprisingly fast, making those who want to steal its gold have to prepare a detailed and careful plan to achieve their goal. destination.


Crocotta is one of a number of mythical beasts with various animal parts on its body. It has the hips of a deer, the neck, tail and thorax of a lion, the head of a badger, forked hooves, and a mouth wide open to the ears. But of all those features, the most terrible is still the rumor that it imitates the human voice.

Some sources say it’s just another name for a hyena, but other accounts claim it to be a hybrid between a hyena and a lion or something else entirely.


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