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7 unbelievable abilities that the human body can do that makes even the scientific world scratch their heads


The human body is a magical creature, believe me.

You know, the fetus is not actually a burden that the mother has to bear. The fetus can help the pregnant woman recover faster. Or our brain has the capacity to download videos up to 3 million hours long. These are all scientifically proven facts, and are a reason for us to appreciate our bodies more.

But it’s not over yet! The human body also has many other interesting abilities that even science has to scratch its head. Are you ready to know?

  1. The brain has enough energy to light a light bulb

Our brain has about 100 billion nerve cells – also known as neurons. When we move, look, think, laugh, or even dream, neurons generate electrical signals and chemical reactions. Of course the energy of one neuron is small, but if we put it all together, we can get enough electricity to light a small light bulb.

  1. Scents keep memories

When we smell something that is related to something meaningful to us in the past, we will immediately see the emotions we had at that time, and then the memories will also flood back.

This is a relatively confusing possibility, but the explanation is simple. Our brain has a very excitable part when it comes to what we have experienced in the past. And this ability was also very important to the existence of previous human ancestors.

  1. Lifting people is okay, lifting rocks is not

Same weight, but if it’s lifting rocks, it’s hard

You can lift a girl weighing 45kg, but a rock that heavy can’t.

The reason is because the human body has the ability to adapt to gravity and distribute weight in many directions. Meanwhile, stones do not have this ability. The weight of the rock will always stay in the same position, making it harder for you to lift.

  1. Can be surprisingly healthy sometimes

Fatigue, pain, and fear are the things that prevent us from using our full potential. In fact, there have been cases of mothers using their hands to lift the whole car to save their children. So where does that power come from?

The answer is adrenaline – the hormone released when we are in stressful situations. But to do that, the body has to shut down several systems – including the digestive and immune systems, and then combine energy and oxygen into the muscles to do things beyond imagination.

This is also a mechanism of the evolutionary system. You won’t always be able to apply this power, because in the long run your health will be damaged, and the immune system and heart can’t stand it for too long.

  1. See with your ears

The deaf, they can walk with just a cane – to navigate or make sounds to know what’s around.

Scientists have in fact studied the brains of blind people – as in the case of Daniel Kish, who was born blind. However, Kish described that he was able to see, although his eye was confirmed to be damaged.

So when digging deeper, the experts found that the area of ​​the brain responsible for Kish’s visuals was active every time he heard the sound made from the walking stick, while with other sounds it was not. are not. It helps them to conclude that Kish can indeed “see” actively, but not with his eyes.

  1. Headache due to change in weather

A headache is an unpleasant experience. But people not only get headaches from fatigue, but sometimes also because of the weather – which is scientifically proven. This is due to changes in temperature and pressure.

  1. Molecular-scale hearing

Hot water and cold water, if you ignore a few factors (such as steam) and just look at it, it is difficult to distinguish. But the sound of pouring water helps you distinguish, because our ears can hear the sound of molecules.

To explain, the cold water molecules have less energy, producing low frequency sounds. Hot water, on the other hand, produces high-frequency sounds, and the two are distinct enough for the human ear to perceive.


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