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6 super useful tips that everyone needs to learn, because they could save you one day


You may find yourself in dire circumstances, or simply situations that make your day more difficult. How was it then?

Knowledge is power, and that power can get you out of many troubles in life. In fact, none of us can know what kind of situation we will be in, even if we stay at home all day.

Therefore, equip yourself with as much knowledge as possible, especially survival tips like the list below.

  1. Thirsty when lost in nature

There are many ways to get water when lost in the wild. If you’re lucky, you might find a stream. However, one of the safest ways is to collect dew.

First, find an area with a lot of dew, and the best time to collect dew is in the morning.

Prepare a clean, well-absorbent cloth (maybe your own shirt). Wipe each blade of grass with a cloth, then squeeze it into a container.

In general, the resulting water is relatively safe to drink, but it’s best to boil it before using it to avoid trouble later.

  1. When the kitchen caught fire
Instead of pouring water, cover the pan with a lid

A little absent-mindedness when cooking can cost you a black-burnt pan. But you know, such a black fire is sometimes not the “blackest”, but sometimes it even burns really, causing a great fire hazard.

When the pan suddenly catches fire, what you should do is not pour water in. Because water has a lower boiling point than oil and fat, it can explode and injure you. Instead, put out the fire with a fire extinguisher or use a pot lid/span. Remember to turn off the stove first.

  1. Make a fire on a strong windy day
    Going camping on a windy day is really hard to make a fire. But in general, there is a way.

First, choose a place that is a bit sheltered from the wind, can cover the rain, then collect dry leaves around – they have the effect of creating a bait, making the fire easier to rise.

Next, gather the large branches, tie them into a cone as shown in the picture, then place the small branches below. Use greaseproof paper to light dry leaves and branches, and you’ll have a pretty good campfire.

  1. Car stalls
Don’t open the window

Normally it’s not a big deal. But suppose the car stalled when you were away from home or in the middle of the night, what would you do?

The first is to check with emergency towing services – they will come and take your car (with you) to the nearest repair place.

If it’s too late by then and the service is no longer available, be prepared to spend the night in the car. Remember: Lock the doors and pull up the windows – one is to keep crooks out, the other is to keep cold air out.

Wait until dawn, you can call for help from other drivers, or use your phone to call the service to come to the rescue. In the worst case scenario you might have to walk, so wait until morning anyway.

  1. Go fishing but forgot to bring a rod?

Don’t let the picnic ruin, as you can make a trap with just a plastic bottle.

First, cut off the top of the bottle, and then place it upside down on the body as shown in the picture. Next is to tie the rope, and then put the bait and pebbles inside to make it easy to sink.

Finally, drop the bottle into the water, so that it sinks to the bottom. Wait a few hours and pull up to see if any fish are caught in the trap.

  1. Fix stains on clothes

Who doesn’t have time to drop food on their shirt, right? Normally it’s fine, but if it’s an expensive shirt then it’s really‚Ķ loose.

Calm down, there’s a way to solve this story. First, wash the shirt with water immediately. Next, use some auxiliaries such as salt, baking soda, talcum powder or cornstarch to sprinkle on the stain. Leave it on for 15 minutes, then wash it with clean water and see the results.


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