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5 tragic love stories on the Anime screen that have taken away the tears of many people


Instead of having a happy ending, these anime series “turn the corner” at the end and then take away the tears of many people.

Love stories in anime often have a happy ending and make viewers happy, but not every couple is lucky to have a “happy ending”. Whether the goal is to make the audience cry, or to convey a certain message, these anime have achieved their purpose.

Here are 5 “nominations” of fans for the anime with the most tragic, heavy and controversial love story ever.

  1. Your Lie In April

Before the anime series Your Lie in April ended, Kaori told Kousei that she couldn’t attend his piano performance, instead facing a risky surgery. Immediately, fans of the anime series were torn between hope and disappointment. Kaori was hospitalized, and this surgery was the only thing that saved her. However, the happy ending did not happen. When Kousei performed on stage, he knew that Kaori couldn’t survive.

Many stories use the tragic death of the heroine to complete the male lead’s story, but Your Lie In April is an exception, as Kaori is a living character and plays a very important role in the anime series. this. Therefore, the tragic ending of “Your Lie In April” made many fans “traumatized” after watching.

  1. Voices Of A Distant Star

Long before Your Name broke box office records and broke the hearts of audiences around the world, director Makoto Shinkai produced another anime film about a couple and stars – Voices of A Distant Star. It’s worth noting that the person behind this anime is mostly just Makoto Shinkai, offering a beautiful blend of romance and science fiction.

Set in the not-too-distant future, the story follows a girl and a boy separated by time and space as the girl enlists in the army to fight off alien forces. The farther the girl goes, the longer it takes the guy to receive her messages. In the end, that distance separated them completely, leaving a lot of heavy emotions for both the characters and the audience.

  1. Hotarubi No Mori E

Fans of the Natsume Yuujinchou anime know that author Yuki Midorikawa loves heartbreaking love stories. Even so, when the Forest of Fireflies, or Hotarubi No Mori E came out, fans still couldn’t predict how much tears this anime would take away from them.

Hotarubi No Mori E revolves around a forest god and a human girl – Hotaru Takegawa. On a summer vacation as a child, Hotaru met and became friends with a forest god named Gin. However, they cannot touch each other, or Gin will disappear. For many years, the two were close friends, until their feelings deepened. But just because of an accidental touch, Gin disappeared forever.

  1. Darling In The Franxx

As an anime series with potential, but Darling in the Franxx has a disappointing ending. The dramatic but unnecessary sacrifices of the main characters ruined a romance that fans were so supportive of. Many people love Darling in the Franxx for its beautiful anime animations and interesting character lines. But after killing Zero Two and Hiro and then reincarnating both as children, the fan’s affection decreased significantly.

  1. No. 6

Set in a dystopian world, No.6 revolves around characters with completely opposite lives. While Shion lived in seclusion in a safe city with advanced technology, Nezumi grew up in a desolate land beyond the walls.

When their worlds collide, the two are forever changed, and in the end, they are determined to eradicate the corruption that plagues society. The two fell in love, dancing together in the ruins of a deserted junkyard. But by the end of the anime, Shion and Nezumi went their separate ways without any good reason, leaving fans scratching their heads and questioning the final episode even years later.



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