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5 fusion ways to increase power in the Dragon Ball series


The fusion ways in the Dragon Ball series include: Fusion Dance, Potara Earrings and absorption, …

Fusion is the fusion of two or more separate organisms into one, combining their properties, from strength and speed to reflex, to intelligence and intelligence. When properly fused, the only creature created would have an incredible amount of strength far beyond what both warriors could have.

Here are 5 ways to merge in the Dragon Ball series:

1. Match of the Namek

Spearmen Kami and Piccolo merged

Namekian Fusion is the first bio-fusion technique to appear in the Dragon Ball series. This is a special technique that only Namekians can do, it’s more like an assimilation rather than consolidation. Because a Namekian would absorb the energy, strength, memory, and intelligence of one or more other Namekians.

Both participants of the fusion have to agree and be in a ready-to-merge posture where the other will place a hand on the fused person’s chest and in an indeterminate way, a dazzling light wave will flash to complete the process.

2. Fusion Dance

Fusion Dance is a technique that Goku learned from the planet Metamor in another world, where it is called Metamorans. This is the technique of fusing 2 people into one to create another stronger individual in a certain time with a characteristic posture, so it has made a strong impression that readers cannot forget in the Dragon Ball series.

However, to use the Fusion Dance requires 2 fusion people to have equal strength and perform a symmetrical posture. After the merger is successful, the new warrior who appears will have much more power than the old 2 warriors. On the contrary, if performing Fusion Dance incorrectly, it will create failed versions such as skinny or fat and much weaker power.

When Goku and Vegeta fused using the Fusion Dance, for example, Gogeta was born but defaulted to his Super Saiyan state as if it were his default state. Gogeta Super Saiyan has incredible speed and power that surpasses both Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 and Vegeta’s Super Saiyan 2.

However, this fusion only lasted 30 minutes.

3. Three-way merging

This fusion we saw in Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power, the performers were the warriors of the universe 2. At that time, female love warrior Brianne merged with 2 other female warriors. is Sanka and Suu to transform into Ribrianne.

4. Potara Earrings

This is a combination that is both fast, strong, yet easy, and the only requirement is to have Kaioshin’s earrings. When combined with Potara earrings, the newly created war has almost no disadvantages, no need for the same strength level, anyone can fuse. Especially, if Kaioshin is one of the two fused together, this process can be permanent.

For example, when Goku and Vegeta fused with Potara earrings, a new warrior named Vegito was created. Vegito has both the personality and characteristics of both Goku and Vegeta, such as being both intelligent, like a Vegeta, and a bit of Goku’s humor and witty, the great moves and skills of both Vegito that are usable.

The only way to fuse is to remove the Potara earrings.

5. Absorption

Absorbing someone will lead to different increases in strength and appearance each time you absorb a new person. For example, Buu’s body changes whenever he absorbs someone. The most famous absorbent users are Cell and Buu.

While Cell uses his scorpion-like tail to absorb the victim, Buu uses his flesh to do this job. This can be considered a similar technique used by Naturon Shenron to control his body and multiply his own natural abilities to use for his own destructive purposes.


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