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16 normal things but flight attendants are absolutely not allowed to do on the plane if they don’t want to be fired or lose their job


We all know it’s not easy to be a flight attendant. So what regulations do they need to follow on the plane?

The aviation industry is one of the service industries that requires employees to comply with many prohibitions. In turn, it is because of the harshness of the environment and working conditions that people in this profession enjoy many unique privileges that are well worth the effort. Here are some things that anyone can do but flight attendants can’t.

  1. Not allowed to sloppily

Flight attendants have to stand for many hours during the flight, which causes them back pain especially on long journeys. However, even when standing inside or outside the cabin, they are not allowed to slouch. In short, once they are still busy in the flight attendant’s uniform and are present at the airport or on the plane, these people always have to turn on the “professional” mode 24/24. Some airlines also have a policy that prohibits employees from putting their hands in their pockets or crossing their arms over their chest.

2. Strong perfumes are not allowed

Hygiene is very important in the aviation industry. The attendants must always be neat. In addition, they also have to be very careful in choosing fragrances. The smell of perfume can make co-workers, airline passengers or pilots uncomfortable when in contact with them.

3. Passengers’ luggage is not allowed to be lifted

They are not allowed to lift the passenger’s bag, because doing so will be very detrimental to their health. They will happily assist you in storing your bags in the overhead locker with enthusiastic guidance. It’s not their job, though, to pack passengers – this for 200 passengers per flight, four times a day, takes a toll on their backs.

4. Running in the aisles is not allowed

Flight attendants always try their best to provide the best service on the plane, especially on short flights, there is so much to do and so little time. But even so, they are not allowed to run in the aisle because it will not look good in front of customers and is easy to trip.

5. Do not eat/drink in front of customers

The flight attendants also eat and work normally at an altitude of 10,000 meters. However, everything must be done outside of the customer’s view. On most planes, their rooms are separated from the cabin by a curtain. If you go to the bathroom and see this curtain pulled, the flight attendants are resting or having lunch/dinner.

6. Headphones are not allowed

Airplanes are sometimes very noisy due to children crying or talking too loud, in this case many people choose to wear headphones to block the noise. But flight attendants are never allowed to do that. Their ears are a valuable asset for your safety. They need to hear everything in the cabin to detect emergencies, toilet smoke, and passenger calls. Before being officially recruited, flight attendants also have to pass a rather difficult ear test.

7. Not too high or too low

Height restrictions and regulations in the aviation industry are quite strict. Most commonly, flight attendants have to make sure their hands can reach the overhead lockers so they can get their luggage or medical equipment from there. On the other hand, flight attendants should not be too tall because it will cause great obstacles when operating in many emergencies.

8. Don’t wear too much jewelry

Regulations can be flexible and vary from airline to airline, but for the most part, rings or necklaces that are too bulky or colorful are prohibited for flight attendants to board. They are only allowed to wear a few small pieces of jewelry such as 1 or 2 rings, thin necklaces or discreet earrings. Large necklaces or dangling earrings can interfere with flight attendants’ ability to use equipment and maneuver in emergencies. The nose piercing is strictly prohibited.

9. Don’t forget to wear your watch

Timing is important, especially for flight attendants. They always need to know the time to get to the airport, board the plane, start service and land. Basically, they need it for all their missions in flight. They are required to wear a watch throughout and especially it must be an analog clock, showing seconds, in case of emergency situations. They are allowed to use smartwatches, but must always carry a spare. Watches that are too fancy or bright will be banned.

10. Tattoos are not allowed

This rule can vary from airline to airline, but in general, flight attendants will not be allowed to have tattoos in visible places. Any part of the uniform that cannot be covered such as arms, legs, neck or face is not allowed to have tattoos.

11. Tipping is not allowed

In-flight service is not the same as in a restaurant. They are not allowed to take tips from customers even though their excellent service makes you satisfied. To thank them, you just need to show a friendly, polite attitude.

12. Not allowed to sleep in flight

Constant time difference makes flight attendants always face fatigue due to lack of sleep. However, they are not allowed to make up sleep during the flight. The exception only occurs on international flights that are too long, the flight attendants will be arranged separately and are required to rest according to the prescribed time.

13. Black nail polish is not allowed

Manicure is very important for flight attendants because they come into contact with passengers a lot. Their nails should always be short, clean, neat and well-groomed. However, do not paint your nails black or too colorful.

14. Do not let your hair down

Flight attendants’ hair must always be kept in a high bun or ponytail. Hair must always be clean, neat and tidy. Usually flight attendants are not allowed to use wigs, ruffles or high buns in the middle of the top of the head.

15. Do not wear bare face on the plane

Female flight attendants are not allowed to board the plane with bare face, no makeup. On the contrary, too bold makeup is also prohibited. They must look natural, gentle.

16. Skirts are not allowed to be short above the knee

The length of the skirt is of paramount importance to flight attendants. Hostesses are not allowed to wear short skirts above the knee, to avoid embarrassing incidents when sitting down.


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