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14 mysterious UFOs appeared on American waters, people made all kinds of crazy theories


According to a leaked video from the US Navy, several unidentified flying objects or UFOs have been detected in the waters of California.

On May 30, a number of foreign newspapers reported that a US Department of Defense official confirmed that the US Navy had recorded radar images showing that up to 14 unidentified flying objects (UFOs) had gathered. near an American warship.

Their radar equipment observed several UFOs flying around their ship in July 2019. The radar screen lit up with nine different objects, then immediately disappeared into the night, the location was located. off the coast of San Diego.

In the leaked video, viewers can hear the conversation of US Navy sailors in front of a radar screen. “They move too fast,” said one sailor as the group was trying to mark the distance of the UFOs.

Leaked video and radar data released by documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell. Unnamed officials said the footage was real and recorded by the Navy. The objects detected by the tracking device appear to be surrounding a warship before disappearing. According to Jeremy Corbell, these objects may have gone above or below the radar’s scanning range.

Talking to a TODAY reporter, Corbell said that the objects had “moved beyond the range that radar can detect them, or moved below the surface of the water.” Corbell also released a video in early May, capturing the scene of a mysterious spherical object falling into the ocean.

A Pentagon spokesman confirmed to NBC News that the leaked videos were filmed by Navy personnel, but did not mention how the footage was released. According to Corbell, the reason could be “They’ve run out of options. There’s a lot of pressure from the international public and the American people to demand a proper answer.” Therefore, the Pentagon has decided to make this secret information public.

Two former Navy pilots also told 60 Minutes magazine earlier this month that they had recorded UFOs flying at supersonic speeds without breaking the sound barrier. The U.S. Department of Defense official confirmed that the incident was being looked into as part of the Navy’s intelligence program, which was established to collect reports of mysterious phenomena.

In the recent event, according to Corbell, at least one UFO disappeared into the water. He said that the US had sent a submarine to search the area, but had not found any. The Daily Star quoted Mr. Corbell as saying that the US Navy encountered up to 100 UFOs in just one month in 2019.

The appearance of these flying objects caused a stir among netizens, with all kinds of mysterious and humorous theories being raised.

While UFOs are often thought of as aliens in modern culture, in the military realm they can be unidentified flying objects from other countries or organizations. Many debates have raged on the Internet about whether it is Russian or Chinese drones, because these are the countries that have invested heavily in drone technology.


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