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13 Magical Treasures of Great Britain, Forgotten Legends (P.1)


These treasures are mentioned in the ancient Welsh text under the title “Tri Thlws ar Ddeg Ynys Prydain”, which translates to “Names of the Thirteen Treasures of the North of England”.

The Thirteen Treasures of Great Britain are a series of magical items in the Welsh tradition. In manuscripts of the 15th-16th centuries, such as the story of King Arthur of Welsh “Culhwch and Olwen”, these items are mentioned. According to the records, they were hidden in the north of Great Britain.

  1. Dyrnwyn, gleddyf Rhydderch Hael (White Hilt, sword of the Generous Rhydderch)

This strange sword belongs to Rhydderch Hael, a 7th-century king of the Britton kingdom called Alt Clut, which is now probably in Strathclyde, Scotland. When the sword is drawn by a worthy person, the entire body of the sword will burn. Although Rhydderch was willing to lend the sword to anyone who asked to borrow it, after learning about its strangeness, they all refused to accept it.

  1. Mwys Gwyddno Garnanir (Longleg Gwyddno’s Fruit Basket)

Longlegged Gwyddno was the king of Canolbarth, a mythical sunken land off the coast of Wales (present-day Cardigan Bay). He possesses a magic fruit basket, a wicker basket that can hold a lot of food. According to legend, food for one person is placed in a basket and closed. Then, open the basket, the food will be enough for hundreds of people.

  1. Korn Bran Galed o’r Gogledd (Bran Niggard’s Horn from the North)

According to Welsh legend, this horn once belonged to Herakles, who took it from Nessus’ head after defeating the centaur. The horn will be filled with whatever drink the user wants.

  1. Kar Morgan Mwynfawr (Rich Morgan’s Chariot)

Morgan, king of Glamorgan, grandson and possibly successor of King Meurig, who ruled the ancient Welsh kingdoms of Gwent and Glywysing between 400-600 BC. It is rumored that Morgian possesses a chariot that can go very quickly to any destination that its user desires.

  1. Kebystr Klydno Eiddin (Clydno Eiddyn’s Reins)

The fifth item in the treasure is the fixed reins tied at the foot of the bed of Clydno Eiddin, ruler of Hen Ogledd, a Brittonian-speaking region that is now northern England and southern Scotland during the period. early Middle Ages. Eiddyn is the Britthonian name for Edinburgh, alluding to its association with the territory. According to legend, the reins would give Clydno any horse he wanted.

  1. Kyllell Llawfrodedd Farchog (Knight of Llawfrodedd)

Llawfrodedd Farchog was a hero of the Welsh tradition and a legendary figure in the court of King Arthur, as told by the stories Culhwch and Olwen as well as Breuddwyd Rhonabwy. It is said that he owned a knife that could serve the army of 24 soldiers on the dining table. The knife is a great party item, but can also be a deadly weapon on the battlefield.


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